Catherine, the founder of CHW, with some of the staff from House 5: Gustavo, Sandra, Fernando and Martina.
(Bethel does not allow photos of the children to be shown online.)

Bethel, started by Father Lucchese in 1962, has been home to children who have been orphaned or abandoned ever since. The aim of Bethel is to give these children a family home, and for them to grow up to become independent, contributing members of society. Bethel consists of eighteen houses, where children live depending on their ages and whether they are girls or boys.

There are three houses for children with disabilities. If the children are unable to look after themselves as adults, Bethel will still care for them too.

CHW would like to contribute towards various projects at Bethel, including buying medical equipment for House 5, one of the houses caring for children with disabilities, as well as fundraising for the needs of other Houses. We were recently able to give a donation which was used to buy nappies used by the children and teenagers with disabilities in House 5. CHW’s local Coordinator in Argentina, Gabriela Zambrano, also arranged for a collection of donated health and medical supplies to be given to Houses 1 and 5.