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  1. Supporting Children’s Education in Cape Town on #GivingTuesday!

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good. This year, it takes place on 3 December. CHW is excited to announce a special campaign, supporting education for children from disadvantaged areas of Cape Town, South Africa!

    ORT SA CAPE holds robotics and technology workshops for children, as well as running training sessions for teachers. Both of these programmes greatly improve the education received by children who are growing up in underprivileged communities.

    On #GivingTuesday, any support you give will make an extra big difference!

    GlobalGiving will be running a fundraising challenge, starting at 5 am UK time (7 am in South Africa) on 3 December. The challenge will last for 24 hours, and during this time, all donations will be partially matched. As well as this, if at least 20 people contribute on #GivingTuesday, we may have the chance to compete for bonus funds and this will make even more of an impact for the children!

    If you would be able to contribute during the campaign, you can do so via our page on GlobalGiving:

    There are also other ways to get involved. We really need help with sharing the project page and telling people about this campaign. If you would be interested in being a #GivingTuesday Ambassador and learning more about how to fundraise online, you can download our toolkit here.

    Carol supporting CHW for #GivingTuesday!

    We would also love to see your faces! It would be great if you could take a photo of yourself with our #GivingTuesday sign. You can download the sign here and you can post your photos to our Facebook page, or share them with us on Twitter (@CHWchildren)

    To see more about ORT SA CAPE’s amazing work, and how CHW’s supporters have helped, take a look at our reports on GlobalGiving here.

    We will be excited for you to join in with our campaign on #GivingTuesday. Together, we can make a difference!

    If you would like further information, please email catherine@


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  2. Supporting Children’s Education in Ghana

    Teacher at Meyah

    We are excited to launch a new project on World Teachers’ Day 2019, to support the teachers at Meyah Preparatory School in Medie, Ghana.

    The school was started in 2004 by Moses and his wife Janet, after they retired. They saw that many children in Medie did not have the opportunity to go to school and they decided to start a school with Moses’s pension. The school was initially for children between 1 and 5, but throughout the years, it has developed and grown, and now children from Kindergarten to Junior High School attend. Currently, there are 150 pupils and the school is still growing.

    Meyah is now looking for help with sponsoring some of its teachers. If CHW can raise £800, this will cover a percentage of some of the teachers’ salaries over the next few months. If you would like to contribute, you can do so here.

    Teachers play a vital role in providing children with an education and any support for this project will give the children at Meyah Preparatory School a brighter future.

    Children with Moses

    Some of the children taking part in a graduation ceremony, with the school’s founder, Moses.

    With thanks to Moses at Meyah and to Claire at Move The World, for the photos from the school.

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  3. Helping Children who have been Trafficked in Ghana


    Rescued children being reunited with their family

    Challenging Heights, in Ghana, rescues, rehabilitates and advocates for children who have been trafficked into the fishing industry.

    Once children have been rescued, they are placed into Challenging Heights’ shelter and receive support, so that they can be rehabilitated following their traumatic experiences. After this, the aim is to try to help them move on with their lives, by enabling them to return to school, and to reintegrate into society, so that they can have a brighter future ahead of them.

    As part of the programme, families are given holistic support, to make sure that they are in a better position in the future, so that the children will no longer be at risk of being trafficked again. This is often done through a microfinance scheme, so parents (usually the mother) can start a small business, meaning they will be able to provide for their children and the whole family unit will become more stable.

    The children are still monitored after being reunited with their families, as further support may be necessary, given all that they have been through.

    Challenging Heights have asked us for help with sponsoring part of theie reintegration programme. Raising £1000 will help provide support with school items and uniforms, funding for the microfinance scheme for a family and would help with the ongoing costs involved with monitoring and supporting a child. If you would like to contribute towards this, you can do so by clicking the Paypal button below.


    One of Challenging Heights’ rescue boats

    With thanks to Jonathan and Willow at Challenging heights for the photos. Thank you to Serge (Challenging Heights) and Claire (Move the World) for making this collaboration with CHW possible.

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  4. Be Part of a Special Campaign for Mandela Day

    Workshop at ORT SA CAPE

    Mandela Day takes place on 18 July, which was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. It is a day to honour Nelson Mandela and it is a global call to action to make a difference and to celebrate the fact that each person can make a positive change in the world.

    CHW’s supporters have been generously supporting ORT SA CAPE through our page on GlobalGiving. On Mandela Day, GlobalGiving is holding a special fundraising challenge, where large donations will be partially matched. The challenge will start at 14.00 UK time (15.00 in South Africa) and continues for the rest of Mandela Day.

    GlobalGiving has shared the following information about how donations will be matched. We have added the amounts in pounds below (using the current exchange rate).

    Matching amounts

    If you would like your donation to be matched, it is best to contribute as soon as the challenge starts, as the matching funds can run out very quickly.

    In addition, organisations raising the most funds and which have the most supporters, can win bonus funding.

    The difference YOU can make

    “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

    Your help will give children opportunities to learn about science and technology, which they otherwise could not have. Your generosity will also help to train teachers, to make sure that they deliver a good quality education to children from disadvantaged communities.

    As an example, a contribution of £103 could fund a follow-up visit for three teachers who have attended one of ORT SA CAPE’s literacy trainings. This gives the teachers further support in implementing what they have learned. A donation of £250 could support two trainers in delivering six hours of teacher training on Lego 6 Bricks techniques and developing children’s perceptual skills. A donation of £780 could fund a three-day robotics workshops for children from a disadvantaged community. Your support would truly be making a difference in improving the quality of education that children receive.

    If you decide to support ORT SA CAPE’s programmes during the Mandela Day challenge on GlobalGiving, your contributions could make an even bigger impact, as there are the possibilities of winning matching funds and bonus prizes. If you want to take part, please make your contribution through our page ( once the challenge has begun.

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  5. Supporting Education and Training in Cape Town, Little by Little!

    We are excited to share with you that GlobalGiving will be running its Little by Little campaign from 8 to 12 April! This is a chance to support ORT SA CAPE’s programmes for children and teachers in disadvantaged communities around Cape Town. Your donations will support science and robotics workshops for children, as well as training sessions for teachers. Over the next few months, ORT SA CAPE will be holding teacher training sessions in Saldanha Bay, near Cape Town, with a focus on developing children’s perceptual skills.

    Workshop at ORT SA CAPE

    The campaign will start at 2pm UK time (3pm in South Africa) on Monday 8 April. During that week, your help will go extra far! Donations of up to 50 USD (around £38) will be matched by 60%, whilst matching funds last. In addition, there will be bonus prizes for the charities that raise the most, but to even be eligible, we will have to raise 1000 USD (around £756) from at least 10 people. If you are able to help with sharing our project page, during the campaign, that would be wonderful!

    To find out more about ORT SA CAPE’s work, you can see our updates on how your contributions have previously been used here. You can also see a video of some children from Rooikappie Pre-School Centre enjoying a visit to the Cape Town Science Centre, during one of ORT SA CAPE’s workshops, here.

    Any help with sharing our project page during the campaign, will be so much appreciated and will help to make a difference for children and teachers in Cape Town.

    Child and teacher at ORT SA CAPE

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  6. Make double the difference for schoolchildren in Ghana, on the World Day of Social Justice!

    This Wednesday, 20 February, is the World Day of Social Justice. There will be a special chance to support children at Meyah Preparatory School, in Medie, Ghana on that day. Meyah has asked CHW for help with partial sponsorship for some of its teachers.

    We are delighted to announce that we will have £250 in matching funds, so your donations will be matched by 100% on Wednesday!

    This means that if you donate £10, it will be matched, and a total of £20 will go towards supporting the school. Matching will be available until the total of £250 is reached, so if you want to make double the difference, please visit this page any time on Wednesday and make a contribution. To make sure your donation is matched, it is probably best to contribute early in the day, before the matching funds run out!

    Children at Meyah

    With thanks to the Headmaster, Mr Agbodra for the photos. Thank you to Claire and Emmanuel from Move The World for introducing the school to CHW.

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  7. Can you make a difference for schoolchildren in Ghana?

    Children at Meyah

    We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Meyah Preparatory School in Medie, Ghana! The school was started by Moses and Janet Agbodra in 2004, after they retired in Medie and saw that there were many children without the opportunity to go to school. There are now 150 pupils and their school has classes ranging from Kindergarten to Junior High School.

    Meyah believes in ensuring that there is a creative environment for students to learn and they run regular reading sessions, cultural activities and extracurricular activities.

    Meyah is currently looking for help with sponsoring some of its teachers. If CHW can raise £755, this will cover a percentage of some of the teachers’ salaries over the next few months. Assisting with this now will also give Meyah some time to focus on creating a financial strategy to become more self-sustaining in the future. Contributing towards this today will help the school to keep going and will ensure that the children at Meyah can continue to have a good education.

    If you would like to contribute, you can do so via Paypal, here.

    Sharing this project with others will also help! We will be grateful to all who get involved with helping these children to receive an education!

    With thanks to Mr Agbodra for the photos. Thank you to Claire and Emmanuel from Move the World for introducing the school to CHW.

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  8. Give a Holiday Gift and Support the Children at Casa Mea, Romania

    Children at Casa Mea

    Over the holidays, you can give someone a special gift and help the children at Casa Mea in Romania.

    You can see more about why it is important to help Casa Mea in its time of need here. Your gift will really make a difference for the children.

    We are very grateful to Sarah, who designed these lovely vouchers! Sarah has also worked out what different donations could buy at Casa Mea.

    This is what a voucher looks like:

    An example voucher

    An example voucher

    How does it work?

    When you select the Paypal Button, you will see a list of options. Choose which gift you would like to give and make your donation. Next, download your voucher from below and personalise it by adding the recipient’s name. You can either do this by editing the voucher on your computer or phone, so the voucher is all ready to send by email, or you can print it out and give it to someone.

    If you have any problems editing the name, or with downloading the voucher, please email Catherine at Catherine @ for help.


    Due to a limit on the number of options on Paypal, if you wish to give the largest gift of £100, you can do so here.

    Download your chosen voucher from the list below:

    £3: Food for one child for a day
    £5: Five meals for a child

    £7.50: Transport to and from football lessons for a week, plus support to attend matches

    £7.50: One meal for all the children

    £10: Ten meals for a child

    £15: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for one day

    £15: Two meals for all the children

    £20: Food for one child for a week

    £25: Meals for all 7 children for a day

    £50: Two days of meals for all the children

    £100: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for a week

    Other amounts

    Sarah has also made some vouchers where you can enter the amount, rather than choosing one of the above options. You can donate here and download one of those certificates below.

    Fill in your own amount (in pounds)
    Fill in your own amount (in euros)
    Fill in your own amount (in US dollars)

    If you have any questions, please email catherine@

    Happy holidays!

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  9. Join us on #GivingTuesday 2018

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good. Over the past few years, CHW’s supporters have been active in joining in on #GivingTuesday and making a difference for children!

    #GivingTuesday Volunteers

    This year, GlobalGiving will be running a fundraising challenge. This will ensure that your contributions will go extra far that day, as organisations raising at least 2,000 USD (around £1,570) from at least ten people will have the chance to compete for bonus prizes. Also, all donations will be partially matched throughout the day!

    CHW will be entering the competition with our “Impact Fund” page. This fund helps CHW to respond to urgent and unexpected needs at our partner organisations, as well as being used if we are struggling to complete a project. We are so grateful to each person who has contributed.

    You can see in our latest update for the Impact Fund, how our supporters helped children’s projects in China and Ghana and how we are now hoping to help the children at Casa Mea in Romania.

    Casa Mea in Romania currently needs a lot of help and could definitely benefit from support from our Impact Fund. You can see more about the situation here. By joining in, either by sharing our project page, or by contributing on #GivingTuesday, you would be making a vital difference for these children and teenagers.

    If you want to take an #UNselfie, you can download our sign here. Tweet your picture to us at @CHWchildren or post your #unselfie on our Facebook page.

    You can see what some of our Trustees and volunteers say about Casa Mea’s work in this video:

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  10. You Made It Happen!

    We were delighted to take part in the UK’s first #YouMadeItHappen campaign, where we had the chance to show what an amazing impact our supporters have made for the children! Check out our Facebook album, or see the photos and facts below.


    This year, CHW’s supporters contributed towards health and educational programmes for disadvantaged children and youth in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa. Thank you for your support, dedication and kindness!

    Horse Therapy Session

    Ismael, a little boy in Argentina who has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome has been attending equine assisted therapy sessions at Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia. CHW’s supporters funded this!


    Isaac grew up at New Life’s Children’s Home in Ghana. Ronco Cayman sponsored his fees and he is now studying Mechanical Engineering in Cape Coast. Thank you to Darrell and all at Ronco Cayman.

    Casa Mea

    CHW’s supporters sponsored a part time social worker, Claudia, to work with the children at Casa Mea in Romania this year and last year! Claudia has a vital role in supporting the children.

    A special thanks to Hazel and David for their support with their Eurovision Song Contest themed fundraisers! Thanks to Anna, Carol, Emma D, Jana, Katherine, Laura, Marie-Lise, Patricia, Ottilia, Robert, Sarah F and Sarah M for their continued support.

    Casa Mea needs more help right now. Details can be found here.

    Stepping Stones

    Last semester, 6737 migrant and left behind children benefitted from Stepping Stones’ English classes in China. CHW’s supporters sponsored the teaching materials.


    Last month, ORT SA CAPE in South Africa ran a training session for 13 teachers on LEGO Six Bricks activities for the classroom. Our supporters funded this with their contributions on GlobalGiving. A big thank you to each person who donates and to those who share our project page during fundraising challenges!
    More info about the training is here.


    CHW is completely run by volunteers! Our volunteers have made it possible to support projects in five countries around the world, so that disadvantaged children can have help with their education and healthcare.

    A huge thank you to everyone who supports CHW and the children and young people at our projects. #YouMadeItHappen

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