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  1. Make double the difference for schoolchildren in Ghana, on the World Day of Social Justice!

    This Wednesday, 20 February, is the World Day of Social Justice. There will be a special chance to support children at Meyah Preparatory School, in Medie, Ghana on that day. Meyah has asked CHW for help with partial sponsorship for some of its teachers.

    We are delighted to announce that we will have £250 in matching funds, so your donations will be matched by 100% on Wednesday!

    This means that if you donate £10, it will be matched, and a total of £20 will go towards supporting the school. Matching will be available until the total of £250 is reached, so if you want to make double the difference, please visit this page any time on Wednesday and make a contribution. To make sure your donation is matched, it is probably best to contribute early in the day, before the matching funds run out!

    Children at Meyah

    With thanks to the Headmaster, Mr Agbodra for the photos. Thank you to Claire and Emmanuel from Move The World for introducing the school to CHW.

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  2. Can you make a difference for schoolchildren in Ghana?

    Children at Meyah

    We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Meyah Preparatory School in Medie, Ghana! The school was started by Moses and Janet Agbodra in 2004, after they retired in Medie and saw that there were many children without the opportunity to go to school. There are now 150 pupils and their school has classes ranging from Kindergarten to Junior High School.

    Meyah believes in ensuring that there is a creative environment for students to learn and they run regular reading sessions, cultural activities and extracurricular activities.

    Meyah is currently looking for help with sponsoring some of its teachers. If CHW can raise £755, this will cover a percentage of some of the teachers’ salaries over the next few months. Assisting with this now will also give Meyah some time to focus on creating a financial strategy to become more self-sustaining in the future. Contributing towards this today will help the school to keep going and will ensure that the children at Meyah can continue to have a good education.

    If you would like to contribute, you can do so via Paypal, here.

    Sharing this project with others will also help! We will be grateful to all who get involved with helping these children to receive an education!

    With thanks to Mr Agbodra for the photos. Thank you to Claire and Emmanuel from Move the World for introducing the school to CHW.

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  3. Give a Holiday Gift and Support the Children at Casa Mea, Romania

    Children at Casa Mea

    Over the holidays, you can give someone a special gift and help the children at Casa Mea in Romania.

    You can see more about why it is important to help Casa Mea in its time of need here. Your gift will really make a difference for the children.

    We are very grateful to Sarah, who designed these lovely vouchers! Sarah has also worked out what different donations could buy at Casa Mea.

    This is what a voucher looks like:

    An example voucher

    An example voucher

    How does it work?

    When you select the Paypal Button, you will see a list of options. Choose which gift you would like to give and make your donation. Next, download your voucher from below and personalise it by adding the recipient’s name. You can either do this by editing the voucher on your computer or phone, so the voucher is all ready to send by email, or you can print it out and give it to someone.
    If you have any problems editing the name, or with downloading the voucher, please email Catherine at Catherine @ for help.


    Due to a limit on the number of options on Paypal, if you wish to give the largest gift of £100, you can do so here.

    Download your chosen voucher from the list below:

    £3: Food for one child for a day
    £5: Five meals for a child
    £7.50: Transport to and from football lessons for a week, plus support to attend matches
    £7.50: One meal for all the children
    £10: Ten meals for a child
    £15: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for one day
    £15: Two meals for all the children
    £20: Food for one child for a week
    £25: Meals for all 7 children for a day
    £50: Two days of meals for all the children
    £100: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for a week

    Other amounts

    Sarah has also made some vouchers where you can enter the amount, rather than choosing one of the above options. You can donate here and download one of those certificates below.

    Fill in your own amount (in pounds)
    Fill in your own amount (in euros)
    Fill in your own amount (in US dollars)

    If you have any questions, please email catherine@

    Happy holidays!

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  4. Join us on #GivingTuesday 2018

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good. Over the past few years, CHW’s supporters have been active in joining in on #GivingTuesday and making a difference for children!

    #GivingTuesday Volunteers

    This year, GlobalGiving will be running a fundraising challenge. This will ensure that your contributions will go extra far that day, as organisations raising at least 2,000 USD (around £1,570) from at least ten people will have the chance to compete for bonus prizes. Also, all donations will be partially matched throughout the day!

    CHW will be entering the competition with our “Impact Fund” page. This fund helps CHW to respond to urgent and unexpected needs at our partner organisations, as well as being used if we are struggling to complete a project. We are so grateful to each person who has contributed.

    You can see in our latest update for the Impact Fund, how our supporters helped children’s projects in China and Ghana and how we are now hoping to help the children at Casa Mea in Romania.

    Casa Mea in Romania currently needs a lot of help and could definitely benefit from support from our Impact Fund. You can see more about the situation here. By joining in, either by sharing our project page, or by contributing on #GivingTuesday, you would be making a vital difference for these children and teenagers.

    If you want to take an #UNselfie, you can download our sign here. Tweet your picture to us at @CHWchildren or post your #unselfie on our Facebook page.

    You can see what some of our Trustees and volunteers say about Casa Mea’s work in this video:

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  5. You Made It Happen!

    We were delighted to take part in the UK’s first #YouMadeItHappen campaign, where we had the chance to show what an amazing impact our supporters have made for the children! Check out our Facebook album, or see the photos and facts below.


    This year, CHW’s supporters contributed towards health and educational programmes for disadvantaged children and youth in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa. Thank you for your support, dedication and kindness!

    Horse Therapy Session

    Ismael, a little boy in Argentina who has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome has been attending equine assisted therapy sessions at Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia. CHW’s supporters funded this!


    Isaac grew up at New Life’s Children’s Home in Ghana. Ronco Cayman sponsored his fees and he is now studying Mechanical Engineering in Cape Coast. Thank you to Darrell and all at Ronco Cayman.

    Casa Mea

    CHW’s supporters sponsored a part time social worker, Claudia, to work with the children at Casa Mea in Romania this year and last year! Claudia has a vital role in supporting the children.

    A special thanks to Hazel and David for their support with their Eurovision Song Contest themed fundraisers! Thanks to Anna, Carol, Emma D, Jana, Katherine, Laura, Marie-Lise, Patricia, Ottilia, Robert, Sarah F and Sarah M for their continued support.

    Casa Mea needs more help right now. Details can be found here.

    Stepping Stones

    Last semester, 6737 migrant and left behind children benefitted from Stepping Stones’ English classes in China. CHW’s supporters sponsored the teaching materials.


    Last month, ORT SA CAPE in South Africa ran a training session for 13 teachers on LEGO Six Bricks activities for the classroom. Our supporters funded this with their contributions on GlobalGiving. A big thank you to each person who donates and to those who share our project page during fundraising challenges! More info about the training is here.


    CHW is completely run by volunteers! Our volunteers have made it possible to support projects in five countries around the world, so that disadvantaged children can have help with their education and healthcare.

    A huge thank you to everyone who supports CHW and the children and young people at our projects. #YouMadeItHappen

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  6. A Busy Couple of Months and Lots of Projects!

    We want to share with you some highlights from September and October. We are grateful to CHW’s supporters for all that they do to help children!

    Projects in September and October

    With your help, the following has recently been made possible:

    – School supplies were sponsored for Cecilia, a teenager at New Life’s children home in Ghana. She started Senior High School in September!

    – Teaching materials were sponsored for the semester for the children at Stepping Stones’ educational programmes in China. Stepping Stones works with migrant children in Shanghai and left behind children in rural parts of China. These are children who stay behind, whilst their parents leave to work in a city.

    – The installation of internet facilities and a new networking system were funded for the computer lab at Challenging Heights’ shelter in Ghana. The children at the shelter have been rescued after being trafficked into the fishing industry. They receive special care to help with their rehabilitation. Internet access at the computer lab will improve the education they receive whilst at the shelter.

    – On 10 October, ORT SA CAPE in South Africa held a LEGO Six Bricks training session for 13 teachers. The teachers learned about the many important skills that can be taught and developed using LEGO Six Bricks. More information about this training can be found in our report on GlobalGiving, here.

    – Last month, we were able to send a donation to FAST in Romania to help them towards the completion of the shower block they are building, as an extension to their centre in the village of Tarlungeni. It is planned that there will be a washing machine in the block too, which will be great for the families who lack washing facilities at home. FAST is looking forward to promoting health and hygiene in the village.

    Thank you very, very much to each person who has been involved with making these projects possible! Your support is making a difference for children all over the world!

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  7. Urgent Support Needed for the Children of Casa Mea, Romania
    Casa Mea

    Some of the children with Felicia, outside Casa Mea

    Casa Mea provides a warm, loving, family-style home for a group of children in Prejmer, Romania. Children who have been orphaned or abandoned live at Casa Mea. CHW’s supporters have helped with various things for Casa Mea, such as sponsoring a part time salary for an educator or social worker each year, and extra maths tuition for one of the teenagers.

    We have received some sad news from Felicia and Jan at Casa Mea. Most of the funding for the home came from the US but this has now stopped. Jan explained that new tax laws mean that there are not the same tax benefits for charitable donations as before.

    CHW has already sponsored the salary for a part time social worker, but the rest of the salaries need to be paid, along with the bills. The bills will be expensive over the harsh winter, as heating will be necessary. All in all, around 5000 USD (which is about £3798) is needed each month. Felicia spoke of doing a fundraiser to cover six months of the costs for now.

    These are more funds than CHW has ever tried to raise for one project, but we know this is such a great home for the children and that it would be so sad if the children were to be split up and placed into state care. We are doing what we can to help, but if you know of any larger charities or companies that could help, please get in touch and we can provide more details. You can email Catherine on catherine @ chworldwide. org

    For now, we have made a Paypal link for emergency donations for Casa Mea. You can donate here. Any help will make such a difference right now. No amount is too small, as if a lot of people contribute a little, together we can try to save this home for the children!

    You can see a video of Felicia and of some of the children here. It was taken back in 2016 and Felicia talks about her hopes for the children’s future.

    We would like to thank our Patrons, Ottilia and Robert for generously supporting Casa Mea for two month’s worth of costs. Thank you also to Carol for her kind donation and to Sarah for contributing and for suggesting an idea for fundraising. We are so grateful to all who care about these children.

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  8. Children in Ghana send a message to Argentina on its National Flag Day
    Children at Newness

    Children at Newness with the Argentinian flags they coloured in.

    Argentinian Flag Day is celebrated on 20 June. Last month, the children at Newness Preparatory School in Ghana did a project learning about Argentinian culture and the flag. They also recorded a message in Spanish, saying “Greetings from Newness School in Ghana. Happy Argentinian Flag Day!” Everyone at our Argentinian partner projects were delighted to receive their greeting!

    The children at Newness have previously done a video exchange with our partner schools in Unquillo and Villa Allende, in Cordoba Argentina, as well as with the children at Casa Mea in Romania. They have now made more videos, talking about their lives in Ghana, for exchanges with the children at some of our partner projects, as well as for another school in Cordoba. The children in Argentina have enjoyed finding out about Ghana! It has been a great learning experience for all the children involved.

    At Newness

    Catherine from CHW and James from Newness with the group who learned about the Argentinian Flag Day.

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  9. Carol and Sarah Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge to Support CHW!
    Sarah and Carol

    We are very grateful to mother and daughter, Carol and Sarah, for supporting CHW by climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge! This is not the first time Carol and Sarah have done a challenge for CHW. In 2013, they also did a skydive to support CHW, to help the children at an education centre in Romania that we work with. This time, they were supporting our Impact Fund, which allows us to respond more effectively to any urgent or unexpected needs at our partner organisations and also assists us in completing any projects that we are struggling to fund.

    On their fundraising page, Sarah wrote:

    My Mum and I will be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise money for Children’s Helpers Worldwide… A few years ago my Mum was diagnosed with cancer. It made us realise how important it is for us to pursue our dreams and our ambitions while we still can. My Mum has always wanted to walk over Sydney Harbour Bridge and in March this year we will be doing it together…

    All funds raised will be used as part of an impact fund which will be used when the charity is struggling to complete projects or when they receive an urgent request from one of their partner organisations. This fund allows for donations to go where they are most needed.

    Carol and Sarah

    Carol and Sarah, we cannot thank you enough for climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge to support CHW, and for all your help over the years. During this challenge, Carol and Sarah were aiming to raise £1000 and they went over their target, raising £1060!

    The first beneficiary of the Impact Fund was Ismael in Argentina. He is ten years old and was born with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. With the help of the Impact Fund, he has been able to continue with his equine-assisted therapy sessions at one of our partner organisations in Argentina, Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia. Another beneficiary of the Impact Fund will be Isaac in Ghana. He grew up at New Life’s home. One of CHW’s corporate partners is currently sponsoring his tuition fees, as he attends Cape Coast Technical University to study Mechanical Engineering. Isaac also needed a stipend towards buying food and the Impact Fund will help with this.

    Ismael and Isaac

    Ismael in Argentina and Isaac in Ghana.

    A massive thank you to each person who sponsored Carol and Sarah and helped support the children and young people we work with! You are giving them a brighter future.

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  10. A Tribute to Mrs Priscilla Martin

    A Tribute to Mrs Priscilla Martin
    13 June 1950 – 4 July 2017

    Mrs Martin

    Written by Catherine Franks.

    On 4 July 2017, Mrs Priscilla Martin sadly, and unexpectedly, passed away. She was an incredibly special lady and I am not sure I am going to be able to find the words that can truly express what a kind, loving and giving person she was, but I am going to try. My heart and thoughts remain with her husband Mr Armin Martin, and with her children, Dean, Michelle and Angelo, and with her grandchildren and with the rest of her family.

    Up until a few years ago, Mr and Mrs Martin used to host international volunteers and interns. I first met the Martins when I was placed in their house, whilst doing a human rights internship. Mrs Martin had an amazing way of making everyone feel welcome in her home straight away. The volunteers I met at the Martins’ house remember her as someone who was both very caring and, at the same time, as somebody who had a great sense of fun. Going to South Africa that first time, I never could have imagined that I would find family there and I am so happy that Mrs Martin became my “Cape Town Mom”. I know she was a mother figure to many others too.

    Mrs Martin touched a lot of people’s lives. I saw how she was always helping others. She had a way of making anyone who went to her feel special and cared for. She was genuinely interested in other people and her warmth always shone through. When staying with her, I saw that, after meal times, she would gather uneaten food into containers to give away, as she told me that there is always someone who is hungry. She also allowed weekly food donations from a certain store to be kept at her house. This food was then distributed by Anne, the founder of the local organisation, The Future Factory. After CHW linked with Seawind Educare, a creche for disadvantaged children, Mrs Martin said I could invite the Principal of the Creche, Rita, to her house to meet her and Anne. After that, Rita was regularly given some of the food for the children at Seawind too. These are just a couple of examples of Mrs Martin’s kindness. There are many, many more, as anyone who knew her would be able to tell you.

    Mrs Martin with some of the donations of food.

    Mrs Martin with some of the donations of food.

    I have been fortunate to have had various opportunities to work on projects in Cape Town. When you are abroad, one thing you lack is a family base, but I never felt like that in South Africa, thanks to Mrs Martin. She was always welcoming and I loved spending time with her and her family. When I was not in South Africa, we would talk on the phone. I could turn to Mrs Martin any time and she would always give generously of her time and energy. She was an important person to so many, offering words of comfort, guidance and support to those who needed it. I learned a lot from Mrs Martin and always felt uplifted after speaking with her. With her wonderful sense of humour, we laughed a lot together too. She told me lots of stories about her life and I am blessed that I had the opportunity to listen to her. Mr Martin once noted that she and I would talk for hours and he was right! I miss the conversations we used to have and I know that I am far from the only one who misses the unique light she brought to this world.

    A couple of years ago, when I was back in South Africa again, Mrs Martin said that she would like to visit some of the projects that CHW works with. Mr and Mrs Martin and I went to Seawind Educare and to Rooikappie Creche (a link we made through the Future Factory). The week that Mrs Martin passed away, we had made plans to visit the creches again. Rita and Faranaaz, the Principals of each creche, had been delighted when I said she wanted to visit. It is so sad that those second visits could not happen. I greatly treasure all of the memories I have of Mrs Martin.

    At Seawind Educare

    Visiting Seawind Educare in 2015: Me, Rita, the Principal of the creche, Mrs Martin and Mr Martin.

    Thank you to the Martin family for sharing this wonderful lady with us all. With her love, kindness and compassion, Mrs Martin made this world a better place. She was a blessing to all who knew her.

    Mrs Martin

    This tribute appeared in our newsletter on New Year’s Day. We are republishing it today, on the first anniversary of the day Mrs Martin passed away.

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