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  1. Assisting Ukrainian Refugee Families in Romania

    Refugees from Ukraine are arriving in Romania. Our partner organisations in Brasov County have been in contact with us about the situation with the Ukrainian refugees, and about what help may be needed.

    One of the organisations is already doing a lot to assist the refugees, by giving them shelter and food. The first families arrived on 3 March 2022. We are grateful that some of our supporters have been making contributions towards the efforts to help.

    Entrance to the centre

    Entrance to FAST’s centre, which is now offering shelter to the refugees. (This photo was taken by Catherine from CHW in 2020)

    We linked with this organisation, FAST, years ago. Our supporters have previously contributed towards some of their projects helping Roma communities in the surrounding villages. Help is now needed to provide the Ukrainian refugee families with accommodation, food and clothing.

    You can see a video about the way FAST is helping the refugee families here.

    Another of our partner organisations, Casa Mea, also took in a refugee family on 1 March – a grandmother, mother and three children. The children and teenagers at Casa Mea have made sure to make this family feel welcome in their home. Casa Mea may help more families too. We will keep you updated.

    Casa Mea and Family

    With thanks to Jan, the founder of Casa Mea, for sharing with us this photo of the children and teenagers at Casa Mea with the Ukrainian family.

    Any support will make a crucial difference. You can make a donation to help with provisions for the refugee families at FAST’s centre or at Casa Mea via Paypal here.

    The refugee families (mostly mothers and children, and sometimes grandmothers as well) are in very vulnerable situations, and we will be guided by our partner organisations as to what information we can share publicly.

    If you would like more information about how your contribution could assist the Ukrainian refugee families in Romania, please do email Catherine @

    It is also possible to contribute via our page on GlobalGiving here. GlobalGiving will be running its “Little by Little” campaign from 4 to 8 April, where donations will be partially matched. If you would like to get involved, this will be another way to support the refugee families.

    A big thank you to all who contributed so far.

    We are truly grateful to each person who supports CHW and makes a difference for the children, young people and families. We thank you so much for continuing to help, even during the most challenging times.

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  2. Our Continuing Response to COVID-19

    Covid-19 Response

    During these challenging times, we are so grateful to each person who has continued to support CHW and we are proud of the amazing way that our partner organisations have been responding to the crisis caused by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns around the world.

    We have received so many requests for assistance for the children and young people at the projects we support. We have seen three needs in particular that came up since the pandemic started, with a fourth that is now emerging:

    1. Assistance for organisations offering shelter to children

    We have been asked for more help from our partner organisations that offer shelter to babies, children and teenagers. This has been from centres where children are taken to temporarily, if they have had to be removed from their families due to abuse or neglect, and also from residential centres for children and teenagers who cannot be fostered or adopted for various reasons.

    The needs of the children at these centres have remained the same, but donations, in general, have dropped. Social distancing measures have also meant the cancellation of fundraising events and these centres have turned to us for help. Our supporters have made it possible to help a couple of centres in Argentina and Romania.

    Sign made by the children

    A sign made by the children at Casa Mea in Romania, saying “Everything will be alright.”

    2. New programmes helping with food and other basic needs

    Some of our partner organisations in Ghana and South Africa have asked us for support for new food distribution programmes they had set up. Some of these programmes also give out other needed items, such as personal hygiene products and masks. These programmes address the immediate needs arising from the increase of poverty caused by the lockdowns. We are trying to help as much as we can and we are thankful to each person who has contributed towards these programmes.

    Food being given to children

    A photo from the food distribution programme that our partner organisation, The Future Factory, is involved with in South Africa.

    Thanks to our supporters, an existing food distribution programme that we were assisting in Romania was also able to continue throughout the pandemic, helping families in need.

    3. Delivering education programmes online

    Some of our partner organisations in China and South Africa adapted their usual education programmes and moved their resources online, or gave online classes. The digital divide has become very apparent during the pandemic and costs of accessing the internet can create barriers for those who are disadvantaged. One of our partner organisations in South Africa supported its beneficiaries with routers and data, so they could continue to learn.

    4. Costs of equipment needed to safely reopen schools and education centres

    As the lockdown restrictions are easing in some of the countries where we work, a few of our partner schools and education centres need help to be able to comply with all the new rules so that they can safely open again. Our supporters have helped an Early Childhood Development Centre in South Africa with donations for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that was needed, to be able to reopen. Some items, such as the increased amounts of bleach and hand sanitiser, will be ongoing costs that must be budgeted for.

    One of our partner schools in Ghana has asked us for help with new desks and chairs, so that classrooms can be properly set up with enough spacing in between the desks. The school is supposed to reopen in September. More about the school can be found here.

    nursery class

    Some of the children in the nursery class, at New Life’s school in Ghana, before the lockdown.

    The situation continues to be complicated and many of the above issues are ongoing. These are uncertain times and we are so grateful to all who have helped, as the needs have risen so steeply and so quickly.

    If you would like to help and make a contribution, you can do so here. Any support will make such a difference right now and will be so greatly appreciated.

    A massive thank you to all who are helping the children, especially during this incredibly difficult time.

    With thanks to Anne (The Future Factory, South Africa), Derrick (New Life, Ghana) and Felicia (Casa Mea, Romania) for the photos.

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  3. Desks and Chairs needed for a School Reopening in Ghana

    Schools in Ghana will be reopening in September for all pupils. Before now, only students in certain grades had returned.

    nursery class

    Some of the children in the nursery class, before the lockdown.

    Newness, the school, which is run by our Ghanaian partner organisation, New Life, is due to be opening again in a matter of weeks. As the school had been growing, there was already a need for more desks and chairs. Now that spacing is a big issue because of COVID-19, having adequate desks, tables and chairs is vital.

    Just £15 will sponsor a place with a desk and chair for a child. As it is mid-August already, a contribution of any size will make a very big difference right now, to help the school reopen safely by September! If you would like to help, you can make a donation here.

    Grade 1

    Some of the children from Grade 1, before the lockdown.

    Changing plans and priorities

    CHW had been hoping to assist with some new chairs and desks earlier in the year. All plans and priorities were then changed as the pandemic started and schools closed down. New Life responded to the crisis and supported children and families in the local community.

    Lockdown supplies

    Derrick and Caroline of New Life, with supplies to distribute to families in need, during the lockdown.

    New Life asked CHW for assistance with funding for two months’ worth of food supplies, as well as soap and masks, for nine families that it had identified as being particularly in need. We are so grateful that it was possible to help with this, thanks to the kindness and generosity of CHW’s supporters. The whole situation is unpredictable and the responses by our partner organisations have had to constantly change. It was so good that people could help, in the middle of Ghana’s lockdown, when the urgent need was food. The vital need now is for the classrooms to be properly set up, so that the children attending Newness can safely go back to school and continue their education. If you, or anyone you know, would like to help, and could make a donation, this support would be so greatly appreciated right now.

    Lockdown supplies

    James of New Life distributing the food and personal hygiene items to some of the families.

    With thanks to Derrick, the director of New Life, for the photos.

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  4. A Tribute to our Friend and Former Trustee, Sophie

    A Tribute to Sophie Williams


    Written by Catherine Franks.

    All of us at Children’s Helpers Worldwide (CHW) were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Sophie Williams on 26 May 2020.

    Sophie was an amazing person with a bright and bubbly personality. She was always fun to be around and she was known for her love of the colour pink! Sophie was also incredibly kind and supportive, and always encouraging.

    I met Sophie at university, where we were both studying law. Sophie served as a Trustee for two years when CHW was founded and she went on to support the charity in other ways. Our current Trustees all knew Sophie. Two of them had also studied at the same university.

    Anna, one of our Trustees said, “I just remember Sophie as being so full of life and friendly, and, of course, loving pink!

    Board Meeting

    At a Board Meeting: Anna, Catherine, Sophie and Emma

    When we started CHW, we used to speak to people about our projects, as a way to try to find support for the children. Our first actual fundraising event was a bag packing fundraiser at a supermarket near our university in Aberystwyth. People gave donations in return for having their bags packed by volunteers. Without hesitation, Sophie helped out and she also arrived early to set up. That fundraiser supported the children at New Life’s centre and school in Ghana. In a recent message to me, Sophie had asked after the children there.

    Sophie at a Bag Packing  Fundraiser

    Sophie at the bag packing fundraiser in Aberystwyth

    Looking through our old emails, I found a message Sophie had sent out quite a few years ago, sharing an appeal to support a sports programme for disadvantaged children run by one of our partner organisations in South Africa, called The Future Factory. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world, CHW has been supporting various projects, including new food distribution programmes for both New Life and The Future Factory. Being able to support these projects – both of which Sophie had previously helped – means that the impact Sophie made is continuing. I will forever be thankful that Sophie was part of CHW.

    Sophie and Catherine Bag Packing Fundraiser

    Catherine and Sophie at the bag packing fundraiser

    Emma, a Trustee, shared her memories of Sophie: “I first met Sophie at Aberystwyth University when we were both students. I will always remember her uplifting presence and infectious laugh. She was committed to helping others, through her career in law but also during our time in Aber, through establishing the Tickled Pink Society, to raise awareness of breast cancer and being a founding Trustee of Children’s Helpers Worldwide. Whilst her life was cut tragically short, the impact she made during her time here will have made a lasting difference to so many. We will miss you very much Sophie.

    Quite a few years ago now, a volunteer in Wales wrote a song about CHW and arranged for schoolchildren to sing it and recorded a video. A photo of Sophie at the bag packing fundraiser in Aberystwyth appears at 1:48. You can watch the video here.

    Patricia, who is also on the Board of CHW, said, “I fondly remember Sophie as a Trustee of Children’s Helpers Worldwide. She was bright, energetic and full of fun. She will be sadly missed.

    Sophie touched so many lives though her career, her friendships and the causes she supported. Sophie was a shining light in this world and she was a beautiful soul. I am truly grateful for the friendship we had. I know that Sophie is loved and missed by a lot of people.

    Our thoughts are with Sophie’s family at this extremely sad time, especially her parents, Liz and John and her sister, Lucy. Sophie is in our memory and in our hearts.

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  5. Responding to Covid-19 and Helping the Children
    Covid-19 Response

    We are so grateful to each person who is continuing to support the children and young people at our projects during these uncertain times. Our partner organisations work directly with the children. Some have adapted their programmes, or launched new ones, in response to the pandemic and lockdowns. Others have had to find ways to keep going, at a time when it is much harder to get support. Many have turned to Children’s Helpers Worldwide (CHW) and we are thankful to all who are helping them.

    Casa Mea

    Casa Mea, Romania: the sign says, “Everything will be alright.”
    With thanks to Felicia for this photo.

    With the help and kindness of CHW’s supporters, the following has been made possible over the past few weeks:

    – Support for two food distribution programmes in South Africa. One of our South African partner organisations, The Future Factory, is involved with an initiative distributing food in Cape Town. The other programme was started by ORT SA CAPE.
    – Assistance with the ongoing running costs of the home, Casa Mea, in Romania.
    – Funding for Refugiu’s social assistance programme in Romania, for resources to be used during and after the lockdown.
    – Extra support for a centre in Argentina, run by Manos Abiertas. The centre temporarily houses babies and children, aged 0 to 5, who have suffered abuse or neglect.
    – Assistance for education programmes that had to go online in China and South Africa. Stepping Stones, in China, began giving lessons over the internet. CHW made its regular donation to them for the semester, to help during these uncertain times. ORT SA CAPE, in South Africa, is making its resources and trainings available online for its beneficiaries. However, access to the internet is costly and ORT SA CAPE is supplying data bundles so that their beneficiaries can continue to learn. Fortunately, these bundles can be bought at a reduced rate.

    We also recently received a request from Pinocchio Creche in South Africa for help with funding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), so that they can have everything in place when the time comes to reopen. As well as this, New Life in Ghana has been distributing items that have been greatly needed during the lockdown to children and families in the local community. New Life has identified nine families that are particularly in need of extra help and has asked us for support with supplying food, soap and face masks to them.

    The situation continues to be complicated and many of the above needs for help are ongoing. If you would like to make a difference right now, you can contribute here.

    We are truly thankful to each person who is helping these children during this very challenging time.


    ORT SA CAPE has started distributing food in Cape Town.
    With thanks to Bev and Karen for this photo.

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  6. Supporting Children’s Education in Cape Town on #GivingTuesday!

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good. This year, it takes place on 3 December. CHW is excited to announce a special campaign, supporting education for children from disadvantaged areas of Cape Town, South Africa!

    ORT SA CAPE holds robotics and technology workshops for children, as well as running training sessions for teachers. Both of these programmes greatly improve the education received by children who are growing up in underprivileged communities.

    On #GivingTuesday, any support you give will make an extra big difference!

    GlobalGiving will be running a fundraising challenge, starting at 5 am UK time (7 am in South Africa) on 3 December. The challenge will last for 24 hours, and during this time, all donations will be partially matched. As well as this, if at least 20 people contribute on #GivingTuesday, we may have the chance to compete for bonus funds and this will make even more of an impact for the children!

    If you would be able to contribute during the campaign, you can do so via our page on GlobalGiving:

    There are also other ways to get involved. We really need help with sharing the project page and telling people about this campaign. If you would be interested in being a #GivingTuesday Ambassador and learning more about how to fundraise online, you can download our toolkit here.

    Carol supporting CHW for #GivingTuesday!

    We would also love to see your faces! It would be great if you could take a photo of yourself with our #GivingTuesday sign. You can download the sign here and you can post your photos to our Facebook page, or share them with us on Twitter (@CHWchildren)

    To see more about ORT SA CAPE’s amazing work, and how CHW’s supporters have helped, take a look at our reports on GlobalGiving here.

    We will be excited for you to join in with our campaign on #GivingTuesday. Together, we can make a difference!

    If you would like further information, please email catherine@

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  7. Supporting Children’s Education in Ghana
    Teacher at Meyah

    We are excited to launch a new project on World Teachers’ Day 2019, to support the teachers at Meyah Preparatory School in Medie, Ghana.

    The school was started in 2004 by Moses and his wife Janet, after they retired. They saw that many children in Medie did not have the opportunity to go to school and they decided to start a school with Moses’s pension. The school was initially for children between 1 and 5, but throughout the years, it has developed and grown, and now children from Kindergarten to Junior High School attend. Currently, there are 150 pupils and the school is still growing.

    Meyah is now looking for help with sponsoring some of its teachers. If CHW can raise £800, this will cover a percentage of some of the teachers’ salaries over the next few months. If you would like to contribute, you can do so here.

    Teachers play a vital role in providing children with an education and any support for this project will give the children at Meyah Preparatory School a brighter future.

    Children with Moses

    Some of the children taking part in a graduation ceremony, with the school’s founder, Moses.

    With thanks to Moses at Meyah and to Claire at Move The World, for the photos from the school.

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  8. Helping Children who have been Trafficked in Ghana


    Rescued children being reunited with their family

    Challenging Heights, in Ghana, rescues, rehabilitates and advocates for children who have been trafficked into the fishing industry.

    Once children have been rescued, they are placed into Challenging Heights’ shelter and receive support, so that they can be rehabilitated following their traumatic experiences. After this, the aim is to try to help them move on with their lives, by enabling them to return to school, and to reintegrate into society, so that they can have a brighter future ahead of them.

    As part of the programme, families are given holistic support, to make sure that they are in a better position in the future, so that the children will no longer be at risk of being trafficked again. This is often done through a microfinance scheme, so parents (usually the mother) can start a small business, meaning they will be able to provide for their children and the whole family unit will become more stable.

    The children are still monitored after being reunited with their families, as further support may be necessary, given all that they have been through.

    Challenging Heights have asked us for help with sponsoring part of theie reintegration programme. Raising £1000 will help provide support with school items and uniforms, funding for the microfinance scheme for a family and would help with the ongoing costs involved with monitoring and supporting a child. If you would like to contribute towards this, you can do so by clicking the Paypal button below.


    One of Challenging Heights’ rescue boats

    With thanks to Jonathan and Willow at Challenging heights for the photos. Thank you to Serge (Challenging Heights) and Claire (Move the World) for making this collaboration with CHW possible.

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  9. Be Part of a Special Campaign for Mandela Day

    Workshop at ORT SA CAPE

    Mandela Day takes place on 18 July, which was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. It is a day to honour Nelson Mandela and it is a global call to action to make a difference and to celebrate the fact that each person can make a positive change in the world.

    CHW’s supporters have been generously supporting ORT SA CAPE through our page on GlobalGiving. On Mandela Day, GlobalGiving is holding a special fundraising challenge, where large donations will be partially matched. The challenge will start at 14.00 UK time (15.00 in South Africa) and continues for the rest of Mandela Day.

    GlobalGiving has shared the following information about how donations will be matched. We have added the amounts in pounds below (using the current exchange rate).

    Matching amounts

    If you would like your donation to be matched, it is best to contribute as soon as the challenge starts, as the matching funds can run out very quickly.

    In addition, organisations raising the most funds and which have the most supporters, can win bonus funding.

    The difference YOU can make

    “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

    Your help will give children opportunities to learn about science and technology, which they otherwise could not have. Your generosity will also help to train teachers, to make sure that they deliver a good quality education to children from disadvantaged communities.

    As an example, a contribution of £103 could fund a follow-up visit for three teachers who have attended one of ORT SA CAPE’s literacy trainings. This gives the teachers further support in implementing what they have learned. A donation of £250 could support two trainers in delivering six hours of teacher training on Lego 6 Bricks techniques and developing children’s perceptual skills. A donation of £780 could fund a three-day robotics workshops for children from a disadvantaged community. Your support would truly be making a difference in improving the quality of education that children receive.

    If you decide to support ORT SA CAPE’s programmes during the Mandela Day challenge on GlobalGiving, your contributions could make an even bigger impact, as there are the possibilities of winning matching funds and bonus prizes. If you want to take part, please make your contribution through our page ( once the challenge has begun.

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  10. Supporting Education and Training in Cape Town, Little by Little!

    We are excited to share with you that GlobalGiving will be running its Little by Little campaign from 8 to 12 April! This is a chance to support ORT SA CAPE’s programmes for children and teachers in disadvantaged communities around Cape Town. Your donations will support science and robotics workshops for children, as well as training sessions for teachers. Over the next few months, ORT SA CAPE will be holding teacher training sessions in Saldanha Bay, near Cape Town, with a focus on developing children’s perceptual skills.

    Workshop at ORT SA CAPE

    The campaign will start at 2pm UK time (3pm in South Africa) on Monday 8 April. During that week, your help will go extra far! Donations of up to 50 USD (around £38) will be matched by 60%, whilst matching funds last. In addition, there will be bonus prizes for the charities that raise the most, but to even be eligible, we will have to raise 1000 USD (around £756) from at least 10 people. If you are able to help with sharing our project page, during the campaign, that would be wonderful!

    To find out more about ORT SA CAPE’s work, you can see our updates on how your contributions have previously been used here. You can also see a video of some children from Rooikappie Pre-School Centre enjoying a visit to the Cape Town Science Centre, during one of ORT SA CAPE’s workshops, here.

    Any help with sharing our project page during the campaign, will be so much appreciated and will help to make a difference for children and teachers in Cape Town.

    Child and teacher at ORT SA CAPE

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