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Desks and Chairs needed for a School Reopening in Ghana

Schools in Ghana will be reopening in September for all pupils. Before now, only students in certain grades had returned.

nursery class

Some of the children in the nursery class, before the lockdown.

Newness, the school, which is run by our Ghanaian partner organisation, New Life, is due to be opening again in a matter of weeks. As the school had been growing, there was already a need for more desks and chairs. Now that spacing is a big issue because of COVID-19, having adequate desks, tables and chairs is vital.

Just £15 will sponsor a place with a desk and chair for a child. As it is mid-August already, a contribution of any size will make a very big difference right now, to help the school reopen safely by September! If you would like to help, you can make a donation here.

Grade 1

Some of the children from Grade 1, before the lockdown.

Changing plans and priorities

CHW had been hoping to assist with some new chairs and desks earlier in the year. All plans and priorities were then changed as the pandemic started and schools closed down. New Life responded to the crisis and supported children and families in the local community.

Lockdown supplies

Derrick and Caroline of New Life, with supplies to distribute to families in need, during the lockdown.

New Life asked CHW for assistance with funding for two months’ worth of food supplies, as well as soap and masks, for nine families that it had identified as being particularly in need. We are so grateful that it was possible to help with this, thanks to the kindness and generosity of CHW’s supporters. The whole situation is unpredictable and the responses by our partner organisations have had to constantly change. It was so good that people could help, in the middle of Ghana’s lockdown, when the urgent need was food. The vital need now is for the classrooms to be properly set up, so that the children attending Newness can safely go back to school and continue their education. If you, or anyone you know, would like to help, and could make a donation, this support would be so greatly appreciated right now.

Lockdown supplies

James of New Life distributing the food and personal hygiene items to some of the families.

With thanks to Derrick, the director of New Life, for the photos.

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