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Make a difference on Giving Tuesday 2023!

On giving Tuesday, people around the world will be celebrating kindness and will be finding ways to give to good causes! This year, Giving Tuesday takes place on 28 November.

Giving Tuesday picture showing workshop at ORT SA CAPE.

ORT SA CAPE, in South Africa, runs food and education programmes benefitting children from underprivileged communities around Cape Town.

Many of CHW’s supporters have contributed towards ORT SA CAPE’s work through our page on GlobalGiving.

We are delighted to let you know that GlobalGiving will be partially matching all donations during its Giving Tuesday campaign!

This will begin at 5 am (UK time) tomorrow, 28 November. The campaign will last for 24 hours!

If you would be able to spare a couple of minutes to take part on Giving Tuesday, we would be so grateful if you could share our project page:

If you would like to make a donation during Giving Tuesday, that would be wonderful. You would be making such a big difference for the children in South Africa!

Remember, your generosity will go extra far, as GlobalGiving will partially match your donation!

With thanks to Bev at ORT SA CAPE for the photo featured in our Giving Tuesday image. On Friday, the children from Rooikappie Educare went to a workshop at ORT SA CAPE and had an amazing learning experience! We were introduced to Rooikappie by an existing South African partner organisation, The Future Factory. We then made the link between Rooikappie and ORT SA CAPE.

Thank you to all who are supporting this project. You help to make sure that children, like the ones at Rooikappie, can learn about science, coding and other topics, that will open up more opportunities for them in the future!

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