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Meet Children’s Needs All Year Round!

ORT SA CAPE, South Africa

Join the Children’s Helpers Circle to give children and youth a brighter tomorrow!

A monthly donation is the most effective way to meet the needs of children and young people all year round.

When you make a regular gift, of just £5 or more, you will be helping children and young people across the globe to have access to the basics, like food, clothing, education and healthcare.

At the same time, you will be supporting the locally-run initiatives which serve these children and which deeply understand their needs and challenges.

You can set up a donation through our GlobalGiving page here.
Just be sure to select “monthly” when you reach the payment options.

We would love it if 50 people decided to give monthly donations by the end of 2023, so please do spread the word, if you know other people who could become compassionate changemakers like you! This would make 2024 a much brighter year for the children and young people at our projects.

GlobalGiving will also make a one-off donation, matching your contribution, once you have been giving for four months!
You can easily adjust or cancel your commitment at any time.

How will your donations help?

You will be helping to meet basic, ongoing needs, for example by helping to support programmes giving food supplies to children and families in South Africa and Romania.

The Future Factory, South Africa

The Romanian project, Refugiu, also asked for help with warm coats and boots for the children over the winter. Contributions from our supporters made it possible to provide these.

Refugiu, Romania

Our supporters also contribute towards larger projects. For example, the roof of New Life’s school in Ghana was damaged in severe storms. Rain would then leak into the classrooms. Thanks to CHW’s supporters, enough donations were raised to fix the roof and the children’s education is no longer affected by the rain.

Repairing the roof at New Life’s school.

The work has now been completed to repair the schools’ roof.

Some of our partner organisations offer very specialised care. For example, Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia in Argentina gives horse-assisted therapy sessions to people with disabilities. Sponsorship through CHW allows a child without means to have access to this therapy. This year, CHW’s supporters have sponsored 11-year-old Briana.

Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia, Argentina

We never know what will happen next during these turbulent times. Our supporters made various Covid-response projects possible in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, they also contributed towards assistance for Ukrainian refugee children and mothers who were given shelter at FAST, one of our partner organisations in Romania.
We are so grateful to everyone who helped the children and families through these difficult times.

A monthly donation will help to meet ongoing basic needs, like food and education, and will also help us to be able to respond quickly, should another emergency strike.

We would love to welcome you as the latest member of the Children’s Helpers Circle!

You can set up your monthly donation through this page on GlobalGiving.

We look forward to having you join our global community of changemakers, as you make a brighter future possible for children and youth around the world!


With thanks to Anne (The Future Factory), Bev (ORT SA CAPE), Derrick (New Life International), Robert (Refugiu) and Veronica (Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia) for the photos from the projects.

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