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Helping Children who have been Trafficked in Ghana


Rescued children being reunited with their family

Challenging Heights, in Ghana, rescues, rehabilitates and advocates for children who have been trafficked into the fishing industry.

Once children have been rescued, they are placed into Challenging Heights’ shelter and receive support, so that they can be rehabilitated following their traumatic experiences. After this, the aim is to try to help them move on with their lives, by enabling them to return to school, and to reintegrate into society, so that they can have a brighter future ahead of them.

As part of the programme, families are given holistic support, to make sure that they are in a better position in the future, so that the children will no longer be at risk of being trafficked again. This is often done through a microfinance scheme, so parents (usually the mother) can start a small business, meaning they will be able to provide for their children and the whole family unit will become more stable.

The children are still monitored after being reunited with their families, as further support may be necessary, given all that they have been through.

Challenging Heights have asked us for help with sponsoring part of theie reintegration programme. Raising £1000 will help provide support with school items and uniforms, funding for the microfinance scheme for a family and would help with the ongoing costs involved with monitoring and supporting a child. If you would like to contribute towards this, you can do so by clicking the Paypal button below.


One of Challenging Heights’ rescue boats

With thanks to Jonathan and Willow at Challenging heights for the photos. Thank you to Serge (Challenging Heights) and Claire (Move the World) for making this collaboration with CHW possible.

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