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Assisting Ukrainian Refugee Families in Romania

Update – December 2022:

We are so grateful to each person who contributed towards helping the Ukrainian refugee families, that had fled to Romania for safety.

FAST had turned its building into a refugee centre, mostly for mothers and children, who were fleeing the war. Currently, there are around 60 people staying at this centre. At the moment, FAST is receiving sufficient support from other sources. However, should there be further needs at the centre, CHW will try to assist. We cannot thank our kind supporters enough for all the generosity they have shown this year, especially during this desperate time of great need.

Casa Mea is now being run by another organisation and we want to thank all of our supporters for the help they have given to the children and teenagers there, over the years, and also for being so willing to offer support for any refugee families taken in by Casa Mea too.

We will add any further updates from FAST here. FAST has shared two videos, showing their work with the refugee families and you can see these videos here and here.

Thank you again, so much, for all your support for the refugee mothers and children from Ukraine.

Refugees from Ukraine are arriving in Romania. Our partner organisations in Brasov County have been in contact with us about the situation with the Ukrainian refugees, and about what help may be needed.

One of the organisations is already doing a lot to assist the refugees, by giving them shelter and food. The first families arrived on 3 March 2022. We are grateful that some of our supporters have been making contributions towards the efforts to help.

Entrance to the centre

Entrance to FAST’s centre, which is now offering shelter to the refugees. (This photo was taken by Catherine from CHW in 2020)

We linked with this organisation, FAST, years ago. Our supporters have previously contributed towards some of their projects helping Roma communities in the surrounding villages. Help is now needed to provide the Ukrainian refugee families with accommodation, food and clothing.

You can see a video about the way FAST is helping the refugee families here.

Another of our partner organisations, Casa Mea, also took in a refugee family on 1 March – a grandmother, mother and three children. The children and teenagers at Casa Mea have made sure to make this family feel welcome in their home. Casa Mea may help more families too. We will keep you updated.

Casa Mea and Family

With thanks to Jan, the founder of Casa Mea, for sharing with us this photo of the children and teenagers at Casa Mea with the Ukrainian family.

Any support will make a crucial difference. You can make a donation to help with provisions for the refugee families at FAST’s centre or at Casa Mea via Paypal here.

The refugee families (mostly mothers and children, and sometimes grandmothers as well) are in very vulnerable situations, and we will be guided by our partner organisations as to what information we can share publicly.

If you would like more information about how your contribution could assist the Ukrainian refugee families in Romania, please do email Catherine @

It is also possible to contribute via our page on GlobalGiving here. GlobalGiving will be running its “Little by Little” campaign from 4 to 8 April, where donations will be partially matched. If you would like to get involved, this will be another way to support the refugee families.

A big thank you to all who contributed so far.

We are truly grateful to each person who supports CHW and makes a difference for the children, young people and families. We thank you so much for continuing to help, even during the most challenging times.

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