The Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital

The Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital serves as the only convalescent hospital for children in the Western Cape, with children being referred to it from other hospitals and institutions. It aims to provide professional care, in a homely and loving environment, to enable full recovery once the critical stages of an illness have been treated.

At the Hospital

Underprivileged families, living in deprived areas, do not have the means to nurse their children after acute illnesses or burns or to provide the holistic treatment necessary for children suffering from tuberculosis (TB) or HIV/AIDS. The Sarah Fox Hospital is an essential link in the treatment of children, breaking the cycle of recurrence of sometimes fatal diseases.

Children have also been referred to the Sarah Fox Hospital simply because they have nowhere else to go. The number of abandoned children and those coming from socially unfit backgrounds is rising.

We hope to fundraise to support the children and babies helped by the Sarah Fox Hospital. It is also possible to volunteer at the Hospital.