ORT SA CAPE runs various programmes to enhance the quality of education for children from impoverished areas of Cape Town, focusing on critical educational challenges in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Literacy.

ORT SA CAPE’s programmes include educational research and evaluation and improving the skills of educators and children and teenagers. The programmes for children and teenagers include CASPER – the Constructive Afterschool Programme for EnRichment- and holiday workshops. A variety of activities are offered to the children, including Lego Robotics activities and workshops, Literacy, Movement and Drama.

Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, building and operating robots. It draws on engineering, electronics, and bio-engineering. Robotics challenges children to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems and to develop skills including hypothesising, planning, carrying out the plan effectively and reflecting on it, once completed. These are the skills needed for successful learning in Maths, Science and Technology.

Dr. Lydia Abel,  the Director of ORT SA CAPE, said:

ORT SA CAPE prides itself on development for social change: opening minds, getting children off the street into enriching learning experiences and balancing this with helping teachers to engage with their challenges.”

ORT SA CAPE gives disadvantaged children and teenagers opportunities and skills that they otherwise would not have access to. CHW would be delighted to support their wonderful work.