Buffalo Flats Homework Centre

Homework Centre

The Buffalo Flats Homework Centre is located in East London, in the Eastern Cape, and provides extra-curricular and educational  support for underprivileged children who are struggling at school. Many of the children are being raised by grandparents, or single parents. The Centre was started by Irene and Randall George. The Centre runs programmes from Monday to Thursday, after school and aims to:

– Assist children with homework.

– Lift the homework “burden” off working parents.

– Prepare children for tests and exams.

– Help children with projects.

– Provide access to resource materials.

The Centre wants to reach even more children, but needs funding for this, and also to maintain its standards of excellence, including paying the salaries of professionally trained educators. The Centre would also like to be able to provide the children with access to the internet and teach them how to use computers. We hope to be able to help with this, and with other projects to support the wonderful work of this Centre.

Many thanks to Michelle Martin for introducing CHW to the Homework Centre.