Refugiu is an organisation based in Brasov and is dedicated to providing support to children and young people in need and to protecting and safeguarding their rights and interests.

Children helped by Refugiu

Some siblings who received clothes and school items for the new term.

Refugiu has worked on various projects and has even, in the past, provided accommodation for orphaned children. Its current focus is to help children from poor families.

CHW’s partnership with Refugiu grew from our work supporting another organisation in Romania, called FAST. FAST has asked us for help with various appeals, assisting eleven siblings, living in poverty,  who lost their father, Sorin, to cancer. This support includes funding a mentoring and tutoring programme for these children. The programme expanded and is now helping nineteen children and teenagers in the village of Tarlungeni. This programme is run by Robert Tompi, who has been working with FAST, and who is also the director of Refugiu. During the summer of 2014, Daniel Hristea, the President of FAST, suggested we could also work with Refugiu, and we are happy to be supporting projects run by Refugiu, as well as continuing to support FAST. Refugiu became less active in the recent past, due to a lack of financial support, and Robert is restarting it, step by step, to help poor children in the local area, and we would be glad to support Refugiu’s great work.

The first appeal we ran for Refugiu was the ‘Back to School’ project in September 2014, to raise £150 provide the children from this family with clothes and school items for the new school term. Many thanks to Agnieszka, Manuela and Mike for supporting this appeal.  Some of the siblings from the family who received this help can be seen in the photo above.

Refugiu then asked us to help with a project to provide a proper home for baby Ianis and his parents, Nicoleta and Emanuel. Many thanks to some anonymous donors in the UK and to Darrell and his company, Ronco Cayman, in the Cayman Islands, for donating the £200 needed towards converting a workshop into a proper home. We also then assisted with funds for buying a door and insulating the area around the door, which cost a further £280. A huge thank you to Andrew, who ran the Cardiff Half Marathon, for funding part of this, and to Darrell and Ronco Cayman again, for providing the rest of the funds.

We are very grateful to everyone who supported our efforts to fund a year of the tutoring and mentoring programme through the GlobalGiving UK Crowdfunding Challenge.  Our supporters were so amazing and as a result of taking part in this challenge, we will now be able to sponsor this programme for a couple of years! We cannot thank you enough! You can visit our project page here.

Refugiu Home Project

Baby Ianis and his parents, while work was being done on their new home!