The Baobei Foundation


The Baobei Foundation is based in Shanghai. It has established relationships with orphanages and with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC). Orphanages inform Baobei if they receive babies needing neurological or gastrointestinal surgeries. Doctors at SCMC will review and diagnose the baby’s condition and Baobei raises money to pay for the surgery. Baobei then ensures the baby is given appropriate aftercare while adoption paperwork is being prepared with the orphanages. Babies generally stay in healing homes until they are adopted so they can receive required therapies and medical checks.

We want to raise money to help fund surgeries for the babies. Following our Chinese Tea Party fundraiser, we were able to make a donation which went towards the medical fees of Baby Rose, who needed surgery for teratoma. We hope to give more in the future, to help more babies.

The work of the Baobei Foundation is essential as it ensures these babies can go on to enjoy a healthy life. You can make a long-lasting difference by helping to support Baobei.