Local Project


Gabriela working in House 5 of Bethel.

Gabriela Zambrano is a physiotherapist at Bethel, one of the organisations CHW supports. She decided to become involved with CHW and will help all of our projects in Argentina by collecting donated items for them. Her sister, Alejandra Zambrano, will assist her with this project, along with other volunteers. Cecilia Gonzalez Biatturi, a teacher at Florentino Ameghino School, advised them about the rules on state schools and giving donations. Gabriela has introduced two new schools to the CHW network in Argentina. They may also apply for funding from our base in London, like the other schools and organisations we have partnered with. Thanks also to Gustavo Valverde, another physiotherapist at Bethel, for introducing CHW to the organisation GANAS en Cordoba. Gabriela and her team will collect items for:

- Bethel, in Villa Allende.

- Colegio Ipem 317, in Mendiolaza.

- Escuela Florentino Ameghino, in Unquillo.

- Escuela Primaria San Martin, in Villa Allende.

- GANAS en Cordoba, in Cordoba.

- Talleres Apadro, in Villa Allende.

We would like to thank Gabriela for making it possible to help more children at different schools and organisations in Argentina!

First Collection is a Success!

17 de Agosto School

17 de Agosto School joins the Campaign to make a donation to Bethel!


Gabriela visited the school, 17 de Agosto, and talked about the Campaign she has launched for nappies, medical gloves, gauze and cotton bandages, for the health and medical needs of the children at Bethel, one of the organisations CHW supports. Bethel runs eighteen houses for children and teenagers. Three of these are for people with disabilities. The items from the collection went to House 5, which is one of the houses for those with disabilities, and also to House 1. A big thank you to 17 de Agosto School for making this donation possible!

Donated Items

Martina at House 5, with some of the donated items