Florentino Ameghino School

Florentino Ameghino School

Florentino Ameghino School is located in a poor area of Unquillo, in the province of Cordoba. It is attended by local children, including many from a nearby orphanage.

Cecilia Gonzalez Biatturi is a teacher there and made the link with CHW to support the project to improve the facilities at the school. She also participates in meetings within the local municipality to promote children’s rights. She is pictured below, with some of the schoolchildren.

Cecilia with some of the schoolchildren

Cecilia with some of the children. The flag was given by CHW so the children could celebrate the National Day of the Flag.

We hope to fundraise for better facilities for the school – from simple things like pens and pencils to larger things like blackboards and heaters. All of this will enhance the children’s education.

Following a coin collection, and an additional donation from a sponsor, we were able to give the school a donation which was used for music equipment. The school can now provide good quality music education to the children. We look forward to fundraising for more items in the future.