We first started working with Florentino Ameghino School in Argentina, and now we also work with the organisations Bethel and Talleres Apadro.  As well as this, we have our first in-country team of volunteers in Argentina. Gabriela Zambrano, a physiotherapist at Bethel, decided to help the projects we already worked with, as well as introducing new schools and organisations to our network. She receives donations of items for the local projects. She is assisted by her sister, Alejandra Zambrano, and other volunteers. Cecilia Gonzalez Biatturi, a teacher at Florentino Ameghino School, advised them on state school regulations and the donation of items to such schools.

Find out more about the projects we support in Argentina:

- Bethel

- Florentino Ameghino School

- Talleres Apadro

- Local Project

It is possible to volunteer with some of our partner organistions in Argentina.

Thank You!

CHW would like to thank the following people, who were of great help to us when we were first establishing our projects in Argentina: Gonzalo de Castro, Cecilia Gonzalez Biatturi, Virginia Gonzalez Biatturi, Susana la Rosa and Susana Reyes. We would also like to thank Gabriela Zambrano and Gustavo Valverde for introducing us to further projects.