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Past Projects: 2008

Our past projects in 2008 include:

> Clothes Distribution in Romania

> Support for a Hospital Project in Romania

> Distribution of School Items for Children in Argentina

> Installation of Louvre Blades for an Orphanage’s Windows in Ghana

Clothes Distribution in Romania

Babies’ and children’s clothes were collected to help the underprivileged children of Sacele, Brasov County. The babies’ clothes were used by the local hospital, while the children’s clothes were given to the children in the hospital and to other children in the nearby Roma community. Anna Booth, a trustee of CHW, made a trip to Sacele, with our director, Catherine Franks. They were able to start distributing the clothes. Cristina Birsan, the director of the local organisation we work with, the Atelier Sacelean Association, continued giving out the clothes. Over the past year, we were able to give clothes to the Atelier Sacelean Association three times, as volunteers going there took the clothes for us.

Clothes in Romania

CHW Trustee, Anna Booth, giving a coat to a Roma mother for her baby

We would like to thank the following people for arranging collections:
The employees of Pershing in Liverpool and London.
Agnieszka Perkins who arranged a clothes collection at her work.
Marie-Lise Despeghel, who arranged a clothes collection at her work, at American Express, Telecom House, in Brighton.
Thank you to all those who gave.
We also want to thank all of the individuals who donated clothes, both at our fundraising event, the Children’s Fun Day, and at other times. Your generosity is very much appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of children who really need help.

Support for a Hospital Project in Romania

We raised six hundred and twenty pounds to donate to this project, by holding a Children’s Fun Day in London. We would like to thank all of those who came, and everyone who volunteered on the day. The donation supported the work of the local organisation, the Atelier Sacelean Association, in an under resourced hospital in Sacele. The Association used the funding to buy pyjamas, slippers and blankets for the babies and children, as well as general cleaning products for the hospital. They also bought paint for volunteers to decorate the babies’ ward. The babies are left in their cots for long periods of time, and now have something stimulating to look at. Most of the babies and children admitted to the hospital come from the nearby Roma community, and live in poverty.

A young mother with her baby. Supporting the Hospital Project allows babies like this one to receive better care when they fall ill.


Some of the painting done by volunteers, so that the babies in their cots have something to look at.


School Items for Children in Argentina

We were able to deliver new school items to the children in Florentino Ameghino School, in the village of Unquillo in Argentina. A big thank you to Marie-Lise Despeghel, who arranged for a collection of items at her work, and also to Anna Booth, who sent in items too. The children received new art and sports equipment, and lots of new things for the classroom, including pens, pencils and crayons. After exclaiming over them, and even singing about them (the children of class 6 did this!), many of the kids started using the new things straight away. Both the staff and the children at the school were very happy with all the new things.

Drawing with the new crayons; and the children rushing to crowd round teacher, Cecilia Gonzalez Biatturi, as she hands out the new pencils


Installation of Louvre Blades for an Orphanage’s Windows in Ghana

Louvre blades were put in the windows of New Life International Orphanage in Ghana. This was made possible due to a grant given to us by the Marr-Munning Trust. The louvre blades keep out both the rain and the mosquitoes, allowing the children to sleep peacefully at night.


The louvre blades being installed.