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Our Video

Watch our video to learn more about our projects and find out about the ways you can get involved.

You can see what projects we are working on right now if you look at our Current Appeals section.  If you want to help, you can go to the Get Involved section of our site and see the ways you can help these children.

Thank you to the volunteer who made the video and to the children from Swansea who sang.  Thanks also to the recording studio, Swansea Music Art Dance, where the children recorded the song.

The children who recorded the song at the Swansea Music Art Dance centre

The children who are drumming and singing in between the verses of the song are from New Life International Children’s Home in Ghana, the first overseas organisation we started working with.

Some of the children at New Life International Children’s Home, Ghana


Here are the lyrics to the song:

You can help to make a change to our lives, you can help keep us alive,
You can help us to be cared for and loved, give us love we’ve never had,
You can help us learn to read and write, give us shelter and warmth at night,
We don’t care how you help, just help us if you can.
You don’t have to go out of your way, you can sell goods on eBay,
You can send us some of your spare clothes, plus toys and things for school,
You can donate some of your loose change, any small amount will do,
We don’t care how you help, just help us if you can.
You can do lots of volunteering, like packing bags at your local store,
You can sponsor a child from overseas, make sure they’re safe and sound,
You can sign up for direct debit, or send a cheque to CHW,
We don’t care how you help, just help us if you can.