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  1. Join Us on #GivingTuesday 2016 and Support Children with Disabilities in Argentina

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good! This year, it will take place on 29 November 2016. You can join in!

    Horse Therapy Session

    Children receiving horse therapy at Fundación Cordobesa de Equinoterapia
    With thanks to Veronica for permission to use this photo.

    Collecting your small change can make a big change!

    Have you emptied your purse of all its coppers, or do you put aside your small coins? Annoying small change… but it can be put to really good use! Imagine if you saved those small coins until #GivingTuesday and asked friends, family and colleagues to do the same. It would all add up and could make a huge difference to a child with disabilities in Argentina.

    CHW has recently partnered with a horse therapy project in Cordoba, Argentina. Horse therapy has many benefits, but is out of the reach of poorer families, costing around £110 per month. All the coins, added together, would help a child to attend horse therapy sessions. You will be making a real difference.

    You can bank your coins and donate them to CHW on or after #GivingTuesday, or attend our London event to donate your coins or volunteer and help count the donated coins. This will be taking place at 6pm near Tottenham Court Road. You can join our event on Facebook here.

    If you would like to make a donation towards this project, you can make a contribution via Paypal, using the button below. Please email catherine @ if you would like to contribute in a another way. Thank you for wanting to be a part of this project!

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  2. Join the Little By Little By Little Campaign to Help Disadvantaged Children in Romania!

    We are so grateful to each of you who has been supporting very disadvantaged children in the village of Tarlungeni in Romania, by getting involved with Refugiu’s tutoring and mentoring programme. We are delighted to be able to offer another chance to help these children, and keep the programme going, through GlobalGiving UK’s Little by Little by Little campaign!

    Tutoring Programme

    Little and not-so-little! Some of the youngest and oldest children at tutoring sessions.

    GlobalGiving UK’s campaign starts at 2pm on 25 October and ends at 2pm on 1 November (UK time). There is match funding available for your donations and GlobalGiving UK will match donations of up to £50 by 50%, whilst funds last. In addition, there is up to £500 available in bonus prize funds for the three organisations with the highest numbers of individual supporters. To be eligible for a prize, at least 15 people must support the project during the campaign and at least £1000 must be raised. This means every single person who decides to support this project during the campaign week has the potential to make a big difference!

    At tutoring session

    Get Involved!

    There are a couple of ways to get involved:

    1. Become an Ambassador

    A campaign like this can only be successful if a lot of people know about it! We would really appreciate your help with spreading the word and sharing the link to our project page. This could involve telling friends, family and colleagues about the campaign and asking if they will also share the project during the challenge.

    If you are able to help with promoting the project online, we are looking for social media volunteers who will be happy to share the project on Facebook, Twitter and any other network!  

    2. Be one of the First Fifteen Champions!

    There is a lot to think about during this campaign, to make sure we really do our best for the children. To be eligible for the bonus prize funds, at least 15 people must support the project; we must raise £1000; and we must try to have more supporters than the other participating organisations! To make this all a bit easier, it would be wonderful if 15 people were willing to commit in advance to making a donation during the campaign. So far, four people have committed to do this. If you would be able to do this, please let us know by emailing Then, we will know for certain that, together, we will complete the first requirement and can focus on trying to raise more funds to reach the £1000 mark and continuing to spread the word to reach more people during the campaign.

    Not such a little problem

    Since June, the pound’s value has not been stable. It has cost £200 per month to keep the tutoring programme going. If the current situation continues, we will have to raise £212.46 each month, to ensure that Refugiu receives the same amount of Romanian lei to run the project. As a small charity, this is a large challenge, but children are benefitting so greatly from this project. Your support during the Little By Little By Little campaign will be very much appreciated, during these difficult times.

    GlobalGiving UK’s full terms and conditions for the campaign can be found here

    Tutoring session.

    Siblings Gabriela and Ciprian at a tutoring session. Sessions are held each weekday.

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  3. Thank You for Helping Migrant Children in China with Educational Materials

    Teaching migrant children

    Stepping Stones, an organisation helping migrant children in China, asked for help with teaching materials for their educational programmes and needed £797 for their supplies for the new semester. A huge thank you to each of you who helped us to reach this target! You are ensuring that these children receive a good quality education.

    We received a donation of £100 from the Rotary Club of Ealing towards the teaching materials.

    Alex volunteers her time to do gardening and donates the funds raised to CHW. She raised £233 to help the children at Stepping Stones.

    The rest of the donations came from wonderful people in different countries across Europe and Asia! Your contributions ranged from £5 to £200. We want to sincerely thank each of you. You made it possible to reach the target of £797 and provide teaching materials for the children!

    If you still want to help, it is not too late. We will need to raise a further £797 before the next semester, which starts in February. If you want to continue to help the children with their education, you can make a contribution via the Paypal button below.


    Thank you for your help and support!

    New educational supplies

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  4. Urgent Help Needed Before School Starts in China

    Stepping Stones is based in Shanghai and its projects focus on the educational, health and welfare needs of migrant children in China.

    Child at Stepping Stones

    Since the beginning of 2015, CHW’s wonderful supporters have been sponsoring teaching materials for one of Stepping Stones’ educational programmes. This has been greatly helping the children with their education. Stepping Stones has asked us for help with the teaching materials this coming school year too. They have expanded their programmes, meaning that they are now reaching more children and also that they need more help than before. Stepping Stones’ staff and trained volunteers go to migrant schools and centres to give lessons and extra support. Whilst the total needed for the whole year is now £2,390, we would like to raise the amount needed for the first semester as soon as possible (September to February), as this semester begins in less than a month! The total needed for this first semester is £797. A further breakdown of the items is below.

    If you would like to make a donation to help with teaching materials for the children, you can make a donation via Paypal here:



    Textbooks – £275.47

    Stationery – £153.12

    Paper – £153.12

    Memory sticks – £92.82

    Printing – £76.56

    Folders – £45.91

    A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Ealing for donating the first £100 towards this project and to Alex and Paola for further donations. If you are able to help, either by sharing this project with others, or by making a contribution, that would be wonderful!

    Please email catherine@ if you would like further information.

    Children at Stepping Stones with stationery

    Thank you to CHW’s supporters for sponsoring stationery and teaching materials last year!

    With thanks to Wang Cui at Stepping Stones for the above photos.

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  5. Be Part of GlobalGiving’s June Bonus Day and Help Children in Cape Town!

    On 15 June 2016, GlobalGiving will be holding a Bonus Day, starting at 2pm UK time (3pm South African time) and ending on 16 June at 4.59 am UK time (5.59 am South African time).

    We are grateful for all you have already done to sponsor places for disadvantaged children to attend science and robotics workshops run by ORT SA CAPE in South Africa. We would like to take this opportunity to raise funds to support further workshops for the children. 

    During the Bonus Day:

    1. GlobalGiving will match funds by up to 50%, whilst their matching funds last. (It is a good idea to make a donation as soon as possible once the Bonus Day starts, to make sure that your contribution is matched!)

    2. If CHW can raise 1000 USD (just under £700), the project will receive a further 50 USD, as CHW has been taking part in GlobalGiving’s Online Fundraising Academy.

    3. Bonus prizes are available and the projects with the highest number of donors and the most funds raised, respectively, will be awarded 1000 USD by GlobalGiving.

    Your support will go far on this day! If you are able to share the link to our project page, or make a contribution, during the Bonus Day, this would be wonderful for the children. 

    GlobalGiving’s full terms and conditions for the Bonus Day can be found here

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  6. Give a #HelpingHand on #GivingTuesday!

    We are delighted to announce that our #GivingTuesday project for 2015 will support the migrant children at Stepping Stones’ programmes in China!

    Child at Stepping Stones

    What is #GivingTuesday?

    It is a global day to celebrate giving. It takes place on the first Tuesday in December. This year, it will be on 1 December. It follows the heavily commercial Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is a chance to focus on doing good. There is more information on #GivingTuesday’s website.

    What is the project for the migrant children in China?

    Stepping Stones has asked us to sponsor the teaching materials needed for their educational programmes for migrant children. CHW’s wonderful supporters fundraised over the summer to sponsor these materials for the semester starting in September. We are aiming to raise the same amount again, £537.05, to fund the teaching materials for the semester starting in February. Over the summer, we made a list of all the items needed, and how much they cost – from textbooks to stationery! You can see the list here.

    Why should I support this project on #GivingTuesday?

    With Christmas coming up, it would be a truly wonderful gift to let the staff and volunteers at Stepping Stones know that they will have all the funds the need for teaching materials for the new semester. A quality education is a very great gift for these children, and you can be a part of making this happen.

    How can I help?

    You can help by contributing or by helping us spread the word. On 1 December, a lot of people will be using the hashtag #GivingTuesday on social media and it would be wonderful if you could help CHW to be part of this global conversation!

    If you want to contribute, you can make a donation through this page.

    If you want to help us spread the word, there are various ways to get involved. Firstly, you could share this page with friends, family and colleagues on social media or via email. Secondly you could become a Social Media Volunteer or a Social Media Ambassador for our #HelpingHands campaign.

    How do I get involved with the #HelpingHands Campaign?

    If you are familiar with #GivingTuesday, you might already know about the unselfie. If not, you can see some examples here. Our #HelpingHands Campaign is even easier to join! All you need to do is write your favourite school subject on your hand and take a photo. Then tweet it to us at @CHWChildren including the hashtag #GivingTuesday or post it to our facebook page. It is that simple to get involved!

    If you would like to be a Social Media Ambassador, this would involved spreading the word about the #HelpingHands Campaign to people in your community, workplace or university, etc, and making sure that people post their #HelpingHands photos on #GivingTuesday. If you would like more information about becoming a Social Media Ambassador, please email catherine @

    Whatever your favourite subject was, there will have been resources involved – such as textbooks, paint and art materials, or sports or science equipment. The costs of these resources all add up, and this highlights the importance of funding teaching materials for Stepping Stones.

    Are you in London?

    We will be meeting near Tottenham Court Road station at 6.30pm on 1 December. This will be a chance to meet some of our volunteers, find out more about CHW and assist with our #HelpingHands Campaign. You will be able to take part yourself, if you wish, and can help us decide on the best photo. That photo will then be CHW’s profile photo on Facebook the following day! Please join our event on Facebook, if you would like to come.

    Do you want more information?

    If you would like further details, please email catherine @

    Children with their artwork!

    With thanks to Wang Cui at Stepping Stones for the photos.

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  7. Birthday Greetings to Maga!

    Maga and Tony are a wonderful couple who have supported children at so many of CHW’s projects. Maga also volunteers and helps with Spanish translations for our projects in Argentina. Today is Maga’s birthday, and as a lovely surprise, Tony made a donation in her name. This donation will sponsor a month’s worth of food for the children at Sankofa Mbofra Fie’s children’s home in Ghana. This was such a kind thing to do and we are very grateful!

    Maga, all of us at CHW wish you a happy birthday! You are a very special person and you do so much to help the children. We are delighted that we could help Tony with this birthday gift for you.

    Happy birthday!!

    Children at Sankofa

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  8. A Chance to Help Disadvantaged Children with Science, in Cape Town


    We are pleased to announce our first project for ORT SA CAPE, in Cape Town. One of ORT SA CAPE’s programmes is running holiday workshops for disadvantaged children. The children will gain exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (the STEM subjects) through doing robotics and visiting the Science Museum, Science Centre or Planetarium, as well as doing activities to help with literacy, such as reading programmes on iPads. The children would never usually have the opportunity to do such things and this may spark an interest in science and open their minds to the possibility of careers in STEM.

    This is CHW’s first project focussing on helping children with the STEM subjects! We would be delighted if you wanted to help give disadvantaged children the opportunity to attend a workshop!

    It costs £26 to fund the place for one child to attend a workshop. We are aiming to raise £780 in total, to fund 30 places.

    Getting Involved

    There are a few ways to get involved with this project, and we are excited to be working in partnership with GlobalGiving UK and Elbi!

    1. Donate £5-£50 during GlobalGiving UK’s Little By Little Campaign – 26 October to 2 November

    Our project is featured on GlobalGiving Uk’s site here. From 2pm on 26 October until 2pm on 2 November 2015, donations up to the value of £50 will be matched by 50% (so, for example, if you give, £30, GlobalGiving UK will match this by giving another £15). Projects raising £500 from at least 30 different people during the campaign will be eligible for further cash prizes from GlobalGiving UK and the organisations with the most donors will win £500, £300 and £150. To be counted, your donation must be £50 or less, and must be given through our project page on GlobalGiving UK during the Campaign week.

    2. Become a Project Ambassador during the Little By Little Campaign

    Many organisations will take part in this campaign. The organisations with the most donors will win further funding. This would mean we could fund more places for disadvantaged children in Cape Town to attend one of ORT SA CAPE’s holiday workshops! We really need your help with reaching more people. As an Ambassador, you would help to share our campaign on GlobalGiving UK during the campaign, via email, social media and in person, and could reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. We will give you extra support to become a champion for the children in Cape Town during the campaign. Please email catherine @ if you would like to become an Ambassador.

    3. Make a Donation outside the Little By Little Campaign

    If you would like to make a donation under £5, or over £50, please feel free to do this at any time, either through our GlobalGiving UK page or via paypal here.

    4. Join us on Elbi on 7 October!

    Our first ever campaign will be run on the new app, Elbi on 7 October, and it will be to support the children at ORT SA CAPE’s projects! Elbi is free to download from the App Store. It features three charities each day and allows you to do simple actions, in less than three minutes, that can help. Please make sure to download it by the 7th to take part in CHW’s first campaign!

    We are grateful to Sally and Kieran for giving a birthday donation to Darrell at Ronco Cayman, to support this project!

    If you want any further information, please email catherine @

    Robotics Workshop

    Robotics Workshop

    With thanks to Debbie at ORT SA CAPE for the photos and to Elmer for introducing CHW to Elbi.

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  9. New School Term in Romania

    A huge thank you to CHW’s supporters who made it possible for the children and teenagers at Refugiu’s programmes in Romania, to have new school supplies and warm clothes for the start of the new school year!

    A family receiving new clothes

    A family receiving new clothes.

    New warm clothes at the start of the school year!

    New warm clothes at the start of the school year!

    The children all live in very poor conditions in the village of Tarlungeni. Robert, the social worker in Romania who coordinates this programme, wrote “Shopping bought much joy to the children. They were very happy because they had no hope for new clothes, shoes, bags and some supplies… Even the journey to Brasov [the nearest city] was so joyful… Romi and Remus [two siblings] felt so special that they had received new clothes… The widow with three children [another family helped by Refugiu] told me they would not have had any chance to buy something for school. She was praying for help. I was very happy that WE can help them.”

    New items for school!

    New items for school!

    New Clothes

    Some of the children with the new school items and clothes.
    Thanks to Robert for these photos.

    Thank you for helping these children at the start of the new school year!

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  10. Thank You for Supporting Migrant Children in China with their Education

    A huge thank you to everyone who supported our appeal for Stepping Stones. In just over a month, our amazing supporters raised £537.05! This was the amount needed by Stepping Stones to fund educational materials to be able to teach migrant children in over 31 sites (schools and community centres).

    We have a lot of people to thank! Thank you to each person who made a contribution – Christian, Diana, Erin, Lisa, Ottilia, Sarah, Sian and to some anonymous donors.

    Thank You Photo

    Thank you to Darrell and his company, Ronco Cayman, for donating £103.28 to sponsor all the stationery needed by Stepping Stones.

    Thank You Darrell and Ronco Cayman

    Thank you to volunteers Jana, Elsie and Catherine for running a stall to fundraise during August. A special thank you to Jana for arranging the stall.


    Elsie, Catherine and Jana, volunteering at the stall.

    The donations came from people based in Australia, the Cayman Islands, England, Germany, Scotland and the USA! Thank you to everyone who supported this appeal – you are making it possible for the migrant children at Stepping Stones’ projects to get the quality education they need and deserve.

    If you would like to help these children further, we will be trying to raise the same amount again, £537.05, for teaching materials for the semester starting in February. It is possible to donate through the page we made for the September appeal.

    With thanks to Wang Cui at Stepping Stones for the photos of the children!

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