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  1. Gardening to Help the Children

    We are so grateful to Alex who fundraises for CHW in a very original way! In her free time, she does gardening to support the children and young people we work with. We cannot thank her enough for her time and dedication. The funds Alex has raised has helped children at projects all over the world! Four of these most recent projects have supported children and young people in China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa.

    The donations from Alex’s gardening have helped with teaching materials for the migrant children at Stepping Stones’ educational programmes in China in previous years and will help to support this project again over the summer.

    Stepping Stones

    In 2016, CHW started to support young people, as well as children. The first young person we are assisting is Isaac, who grew up at New Life’s home in Ghana. He wanted to study Mechanical Engineering at Cape Coast Technical University but did not have the means. One of our corporate partners sponsored his tuition fees but we still needed to fundraise to sponsor his food. Isaac will be entering his third and final year of studies in September. We are grateful to Alex’s fundraising efforts, as part of the money she has raised will provide food for Isaac.


    Funds raised by Alex also went towards extra maths tuition for Ana, one of the teenagers at the home, Casa Mea in Romania. Ana will be taking her exams to enter high school at the end of this term. According to Felicia, who works with the children at Casa Mea, this extra help with maths has made Ana feel much more confident.

    ORT SA CAPE in South Africa runs science and robotics workshops for children from disadvantaged communities around Cape Town. We are grateful that funds raised by Alex could also go towards sponsoring further workshops.

    As well as helping the children, Alex finds doing the gardening rewarding. She said, “Quite a few of the people I garden for are people who are very knowledgeable about gardening but now, for various reasons, just can’t manage their own gardens, so it’s particularly rewarding to be helping people like that.

    Alex, we think it is wonderful that you help people with their gardening and that you support the children and young people at CHW’s projects at the same time. We are very grateful!

    With thanks to Cui at Stepping Stones, James at New Life and Janet at ORT SA CAPE for these photos from projects that Alex is supporting

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  2. Will YOU be one of 30 special people making an impact this week?

    On Monday, 9 April, GlobalGiving will be launching their Little By Little Campaign at 2.01pm (UK time). The campaign ends on Friday, 13 April. As it is CHW’s 11th birthday, later this month, we want to invite you to take part in this campaign, to celebrate this milestone and to help you continue to make a difference in the lives of children who are disadvantaged.

    Why 30 people?
    GlobalGiving will be awarding bonus funds to organisations that raise at least $3000 (around £2150) from 30 people. If you are able to contribute, you will be one of those people helping to reach this goal! If you are unable to donate but want to help, please do share our project during the campaign week, as you can actively be a part of reaching those 30 people!

    Is GlobalGiving doing anything else?
    Yes! Whilst matching funds last, donations of up to $50 (around £35) will be matched by 50%, so your contributions will go extra far this week!

    Who will I be helping?
    The Impact Fund helps children and young people at CHW’s projects who have unexpected or urgent needs. The fund also supports children’s projects that are very worthwhile, but that we are struggling to get help with.

    In this report, you can find out more about Ismael, the first beneficiary of the Impact Fund. Ismael is 9 years old (although his birthday is tomorrow!). He is from Argentina and has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. The supporters of the Impact Fund have enabled him to continue with horse assisted therapy sessions in 2018, which helps him physically, mentally and emotionally. Through the Impact Fund, you will be supporting more children and young people, who are in need.

    Want to know more?
    If you would like any further information about the campaign, or want to let us know that you will be one of the amazing 30 people who are going to make an impact for children, you can email Catherine at catherine @ chworldwide. org.

    Ismael riding Cafe the horse, with Veronica

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  3. Join us on #GivingTuesday – 28 November 2017
    #GivingTuesday Volunteers  

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of doing good. This year, it will take place on 28 November. We will be taking part in a special challenge run by GlobalGiving. Make sure to donate on the day, and your contribution will be partially matched! The funds raised will go towards urgent needs at our partner projects, allowing you to help children and young people most in need! See our project page here.

    On #GivingTuesday, people often take an UNselfie – a selfie showing a cause which they support. Feel free to use our sign and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or tweet us with your photo!

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  4. My Box Office gives a generous donation to help the children
    Thank you to My Box Office

    Thank you to My Box Office
    Photo from Stepping Stones, China

    We are very grateful to My Box Office for giving a generous donation of £500! They made this donation at the perfect time, as it was just before the new school year started! We had almost raised enough to sponsor teaching materials for the migrant children at Stepping Stones’ educational programmes in China, and still needed £180 to be able to provide funding for the whole semester. We were able to use part of My Box Office’s donation to complete this project. The rest of their donation went towards helping two of the young people in Romania and Ghana.

    Ana lives at Casa Mea’s children’s home in Romania. She is 14 and has just started Grade 8. In Romania, the exams taken at the end of Grade 8 determine whether or not a pupil will be able to go to a good high school in Grade 9. Ana is doing well in most of her subjects, but she needs further help with maths. Felicia, the home’s administrator, has arranged for Ana to have extra maths tuition. My Box Office’s donation will help to fund over two months of this tuition.



    CHW helps young people, as well as children, particularly those who have grown up at, or received assistance from, our partner projects. Isaac grew up at New Life’s Children’s Home in Ghana. He wanted to study Mechanical Engineering at Cape Coast Polytechnic. Working together with New Life, we have been able to assist Isaac and he has just started his second year of studies. As well as proving funding for Isaac’s tuition fees, we also raise funds to be able to provide him with a stipend for food. My Box Office’s donation has helped to provide Isaac with food. Isaac is very grateful for this help.



    Thank you very much to My Box Office for making a difference in these children’s and young people’s lives!


    With thanks to Cui at Stepping Stones, Felicia at Casa Mea and James at New Life for these photos.

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  5. Children go back to school in China, Ghana and Romania!

    September projects

    In September, the new school year started in three of the countries where CHW supports projects (China, Ghana and Romania), so it has been a busy time for the children and young people in those places! A huge thank you to each of CHW’s supporters who made it possible to run programmes for disadvantaged children this term, and who helped individual children and young people to continue with their education! You are making a big difference in their lives.

    CHW’s supporters made it possible to:

    – Provide teaching materials for Stepping Stones’ educational programmes for migrant children in China for the semester.

    – Sponsor Refugiu’s tutoring programme for disadvantaged Roma children in Romania.

    – Give school supplies, clothes and shoes to the children at Refugiu’s programmes in Romania, in time for the new school year.

    – Provide a scholarship for Isaac, a Ghanaian student, who grew up at New Life’s children’s home, to study Mechanical Engineering. With thanks to the company, Ronco Cayman, for this sponsorship.

    – Provide Isaac, the Ghanaian student, with a stipend for food.

    – Sponsor the school fees for Sophia, a high school student, helped by New Life, Ghana.

    – Provide the fees for extra maths tuition for Ana, who lives at the children’s home, Casa Mea, in Romania.

    You can see more about these projects, and the supporters who made it all possible, in our latest newsletter, here.
    Thank you for helping these children and young people!

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  6. Grant from the Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust supports children in China and Romania
    Thank you to the Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust

    Thank you to the Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust
    Photo from Stepping Stones, China

    We are delighted to have received a grant of £1000 from the Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust! £800 was used to fund educational materials for Stepping Stones’ summer programmes for migrant children in China. 272 migrant children took part in educational activities at 7 centres around Shanghai. The remaining £200 will be helping to sponsor a social worker to work with the children at Casa Mea, a home in Romania. We are very grateful to have received this grant.

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  7. Eurovision-Style Song Contest in Menorca helps children in Romania
    Photo from the event

    Menorca Eurovision Event

    We are very grateful to Hazel and David Martin for supporting CHW with their Eurovision style song contest event in Menorca! They raised an amazing £1000. Hazel and David volunteer regularly in Romania and chose to support one of our Romanian projects, to sponsor a social worker to work with the children at the home, Casa Mea, in Brasov County. It is essential that a social worker assists the children at the home and we are truly grateful for Hazel and David’s support for this project.

    You can see more photos from the event in this album on Facebook.

    Children at Casa Mea, Romania

    Some of the children at Casa Mea, with their social worker Alexandra. The donation from the Eurovision event will help to sponsor Alexandra’s continued work at Casa Mea.

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  8. CHW is 10!
    Celebrating CHW at 10

    Nacho, the son of a family who supports CHW in Argentina, celebrating CHW’s 10th Anniversary!

    We are delighted that CHW is now 10 years old! We are so grateful to each and every person who has made it possible to reach this milestone. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate YOU! Please look out on our Facebook page, for our “10 Years, Many Faces” series of pictures, as we share the photos and stories of people who support CHW and of those from our projects overseas.

    You can see some photos of our 10th Anniversary celebrations here and read a special message from our Founder in our newsletter here.

    CHW at 10

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  9. Special Opportunity to Help Children with their Education in Romania, 3-7 April!

    We are so grateful that CHW’s supporters have made it possible to keep Refugiu’s tutoring and mentoring programme going in Romania, allowing disadvantaged children to get support with their education. We are also very thankful to each person who has helped CHW get to where it is today – in April CHW will be 10 years old!

    To celebrate CHW’s 10th Anniversary, we will be joining in with GlobalGiving’s Little By Little Campaign, from April 3-7. During that time, donations of up to 50 USD (around £40) will be matched by 50%, whilst matching funds last. The matching funds will be made available from 2pm (UK time) on 3 April.

    You Plus Two? The top organisations taking part in the campaign will win bonus funds. One of the conditions to be eligible to win, is for a project to have at least 30 supporters during the campaign week. That is the same as having three supporters for each year that CHW has been running! If you are able to make a contribution, and find two more people who could also donate, you would make up a group of three supporters!

    If you cannot make a donation, but want to help, we would really appreciate it if you could share the link to the project page via email and social media during the campaign!

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  10. Urgent Help Needed Before New Semester Starts in China!

    Stepping Stones is based in Shanghai and its projects focus on the educational, health and welfare needs of migrant children in China.

    Stepping Stones

    Since the beginning of 2015, CHW’s wonderful supporters have been sponsoring teaching materials Stepping Stones’ educational programmes for migrant children. This has been greatly helping the children with their education. Stepping Stones has asked us for help with the teaching materials for this school year too. They have expanded their programmes, meaning that they are now reaching more children and also that they need more help than before. Stepping Stones’ staff and trained volunteers go to migrant schools and centres to give lessons and extra support. Whilst the total needed for the whole year is now £2,390, we would like to raise the amount needed for the second semester as soon as possible which begins in February. We need to raise the funds by January so there is time to buy all the items. The total needed for the second semester is £797. A further breakdown of the items is below.

    If you would like to make a donation to help with teaching materials for the children, you can make a donation via Paypal here:



    Textbooks – £275.47

    Stationery – £153.12

    Paper – £153.12

    Memory sticks – £92.82

    Printing – £76.56

    Folders – £45.91

    A huge thank you to Lisa’s Restautant for running a stall to support this project during Pitshanger Lane’s Christmas event, “Light Up the Lane”. They raised £312.19. Thank you also to the Rotary Club of Ealing, which donated £100. Both donations are helping to get us towards our goal! If you are able to help, either by sharing this project with others, or by making a contribution, that would be wonderful!

    Please email catherine@ if you would like further information.

    Children having a lesson

    Thank you to CHW’s supporters for sponsoring stationery and teaching materials last semester!

    With thanks to Wang Cui at Stepping Stones for the above photos.

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