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Current Appeals

Volunteers at a fundraising event

We are currently fundraising for:

1. Teaching Materials for the Migrant Children at Stepping Stones’ Programmes in China

Stepping Stones runs various programmes for migrant children in China, focussing on their education, health and welfare. They have asked CHW to sponsor teaching materials for the next semester, which starts in February 2019. The teaching materials include stationery, text books, paper, folders and more. The total amount needed is £797.00.

We are so grateful to CHW’s supporters who have been sponsoring educational materials for the children at Stepping Stones each semester for the past few years. If you are able to support this project by making a contribution, it would help to enable these children to get the education they need and deserve. Thank you for making a difference!

At one of Stepping Stones' programmes in Shanghai

At one of Stepping Stones’ programmes in Shanghai


2. Help for Casa Mea, Romania

Casa Mea provides a warm, loving, family-style home for a group of children and teenagers in Prejmer, Romania, who cannot live with their families for various reasons. CHW’s supporters have sponsored extra tuition, paintwork and the part time salary for an educator or social worker over the past few years.

Most of the funding for Casa Mea came from the US and we were very sad to hear from Felicia and Jan at Casa Mea that this has now dried up. The running of Casa Mea is a larger project than the type CHW could usually take on. We have ben helping with the running costs since September and we would love to be able to find a larger organisation that may be able to assist. For now, it is possible to contribute through our emergency fund here.

More information about the situation at Casa Mea can be found here.

Casa Mea

Some of the children with the manager, Felicia, outside Casa Mea