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Make double the difference for schoolchildren in Ghana, on the World Day of Social Justice!

This Wednesday, 20 February, is the World Day of Social Justice. There will be a special chance to support children at Meyah Preparatory School, in Medie, Ghana on that day. Meyah has asked CHW for help with partial sponsorship for some of its teachers.

We are delighted to announce that we will have £250 in matching funds, so your donations will be matched by 100% on Wednesday!

This means that if you donate £10, it will be matched, and a total of £20 will go towards supporting the school. Matching will be available until the total of £250 is reached, so if you want to make double the difference, please visit this page any time on Wednesday and make a contribution. To make sure your donation is matched, it is probably best to contribute early in the day, before the matching funds run out!

Children at Meyah

With thanks to the Headmaster, Mr Agbodra for the photos. Thank you to Claire and Emmanuel from Move The World for introducing the school to CHW.

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