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Join the Little By Little By Little Campaign to Help Disadvantaged Children in Romania!

We are so grateful to each of you who has been supporting very disadvantaged children in the village of Tarlungeni in Romania, by getting involved with Refugiu’s tutoring and mentoring programme. We are delighted to be able to offer another chance to help these children, and keep the programme going, through GlobalGiving UK’s Little by Little by Little campaign!

Tutoring Programme

Little and not-so-little! Some of the youngest and oldest children at tutoring sessions.

GlobalGiving UK’s campaign starts at 2pm on 25 October and ends at 2pm on 1 November (UK time). There is match funding available for your donations and GlobalGiving UK will match donations of up to £50 by 50%, whilst funds last. In addition, there is up to £500 available in bonus prize funds for the three organisations with the highest numbers of individual supporters. To be eligible for a prize, at least 15 people must support the project during the campaign and at least £1000 must be raised. This means every single person who decides to support this project during the campaign week has the potential to make a big difference!

At tutoring session

Get Involved!

There are a couple of ways to get involved:

1. Become an Ambassador

A campaign like this can only be successful if a lot of people know about it! We would really appreciate your help with spreading the word and sharing the link to our project page. This could involve telling friends, family and colleagues about the campaign and asking if they will also share the project during the challenge.

If you are able to help with promoting the project online, we are looking for social media volunteers who will be happy to share the project on Facebook, Twitter and any other network!  

2. Be one of the First Fifteen Champions!

There is a lot to think about during this campaign, to make sure we really do our best for the children. To be eligible for the bonus prize funds, at least 15 people must support the project; we must raise £1000; and we must try to have more supporters than the other participating organisations! To make this all a bit easier, it would be wonderful if 15 people were willing to commit in advance to making a donation during the campaign. So far, four people have committed to do this. If you would be able to do this, please let us know by emailing Then, we will know for certain that, together, we will complete the first requirement and can focus on trying to raise more funds to reach the £1000 mark and continuing to spread the word to reach more people during the campaign.

Not such a little problem

Since June, the pound’s value has not been stable. It has cost £200 per month to keep the tutoring programme going. If the current situation continues, we will have to raise £212.46 each month, to ensure that Refugiu receives the same amount of Romanian lei to run the project. As a small charity, this is a large challenge, but children are benefitting so greatly from this project. Your support during the Little By Little By Little campaign will be very much appreciated, during these difficult times.

GlobalGiving UK’s full terms and conditions for the campaign can be found here

Tutoring session.

Siblings Gabriela and Ciprian at a tutoring session. Sessions are held each weekday.

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