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Give a Holiday Gift and Support the Children at Casa Mea, Romania

Children at Casa Mea

Over the holidays, you can give someone a special gift and help the children at Casa Mea in Romania.

You can see more about why it is important to help Casa Mea in its time of need here. Your gift will really make a difference for the children.

We are very grateful to Sarah, who designed these lovely vouchers! Sarah has also worked out what different donations could buy at Casa Mea.

This is what a voucher looks like:

An example voucher

An example voucher

How does it work?

When you select the Paypal Button, you will see a list of options. Choose which gift you would like to give and make your donation. Next, download your voucher from below and personalise it by adding the recipient’s name. You can either do this by editing the voucher on your computer or phone, so the voucher is all ready to send by email, or you can print it out and give it to someone.
If you have any problems editing the name, or with downloading the voucher, please email Catherine at Catherine @ for help.


Due to a limit on the number of options on Paypal, if you wish to give the largest gift of £100, you can do so here.

Download your chosen voucher from the list below:

£3: Food for one child for a day
£5: Five meals for a child
£7.50: Transport to and from football lessons for a week, plus support to attend matches
£7.50: One meal for all the children
£10: Ten meals for a child
£15: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for one day
£15: Two meals for all the children
£20: Food for one child for a week
£25: Meals for all 7 children for a day
£50: Two days of meals for all the children
£100: Gas, electricity, water and internet bills for Casa Mea for a week

Other amounts

Sarah has also made some vouchers where you can enter the amount, rather than choosing one of the above options. You can donate here and download one of those certificates below.

Fill in your own amount (in pounds)
Fill in your own amount (in euros)
Fill in your own amount (in US dollars)

If you have any questions, please email catherine@

Happy holidays!

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