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Children in Ghana send a message to Argentina on its National Flag Day
Children at Newness

Children at Newness with the Argentinian flags they coloured in.

Argentinian Flag Day is celebrated on 20 June. Last month, the children at Newness Preparatory School in Ghana did a project learning about Argentinian culture and the flag. They also recorded a message in Spanish, saying “Greetings from Newness School in Ghana. Happy Argentinian Flag Day!” Everyone at our Argentinian partner projects were delighted to receive their greeting!

The children at Newness have previously done a video exchange with our partner schools in Unquillo and Villa Allende, in Cordoba Argentina, as well as with the children at Casa Mea in Romania. They have now made more videos, talking about their lives in Ghana, for exchanges with the children at some of our partner projects, as well as for another school in Cordoba. The children in Argentina have enjoyed finding out about Ghana! It has been a great learning experience for all the children involved.

At Newness

Catherine from CHW and James from Newness with the group who learned about the Argentinian Flag Day.

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