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Gardening to Help the Children


We are so grateful to Alex who fundraises for CHW in a very original way! In her free time, she does gardening to support the children and young people we work with. We cannot thank her enough for her time and dedication. The funds Alex has raised has helped children at projects all over the world! Four of these most recent projects have supported children and young people in China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa.

The donations from Alex’s gardening have helped with teaching materials for the migrant children at Stepping Stones’ educational programmes in China in previous years and will help to support this project again over the summer.

Stepping Stones

In 2016, CHW started to support young people, as well as children. The first young person we are assisting is Isaac, who grew up at New Life’s home in Ghana. He wanted to study Mechanical Engineering at Cape Coast Technical University but did not have the means. One of our corporate partners sponsored his tuition fees but we still needed to fundraise to sponsor his food. Isaac will be entering his third and final year of studies in September. We are grateful to Alex’s fundraising efforts, as part of the money she has raised will provide food for Isaac.


Funds raised by Alex also went towards extra maths tuition for Ana, one of the teenagers at the home, Casa Mea in Romania. Ana will be taking her exams to enter high school at the end of this term. According to Felicia, who works with the children at Casa Mea, this extra help with maths has made Ana feel much more confident.

As well as helping the children, Alex finds doing the gardening rewarding. She said, “Quite a few of the people I garden for are people who are very knowledgeable about gardening but now, for various reasons, just can’t manage their own gardens, so it’s particularly rewarding to be helping people like that.

—With thanks to Cui at Stepping Stones, James at New Life and Janet at ORT SA CAPE for these photos from projects that Alex is supporting


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