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Funeral for a child in South Africa

This was the saddest appeal CHW has ever held. Lisle Augis, a child supported by an organisation we work with in South Africa, The Future Factory, passed away. Lisle was an amazing little girl, who had been so through so much in her short life. At 7 years old, she suffered an abusive incident at the hands of her father’s best friend, and was then set alight and left to die. She actually survived and the director of the Future Factory, Anne Siroky, had been helping to support her progress ever since. However, due to reckless driving, the minibus she took to school crashed into a train. She was among the ten children who died as a result. The family lives in poverty and could not afford a funeral, Anne explained. CHW then collected funds for this. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. The funeral took place, and the family, including Lisle’s little brother, Jessie, and also Lisle’s friends from school, were all able to say goodbye.

Catherine from CHW, with Lisle

Thanks to Benyam Mezmur, for helping from South Africa. He found out about the funeral through CHW’s founder, Catherine, and let his colleagues at the University of the Western Cape and the Community Law Centre know about the funeral and organised a collection. Thanks to everyone who gave. As Benyam was in Cape Town, he was able to give the contribution directly to the Future Factory.

Lisle was a bright and lively child, despite everything she had been through in the past. She will be greatly missed by many.

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