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A Special Chance to Help Children who are in Hospital, in South Africa

We are excited to announce our first project for the Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association (FOCHA), in Cape Town, South Africa!

About the Project:

FOCHA runs support services both for the children, who are patients at the hospital, and for their families. It is located onsite at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the largest children’s hospital in the whole of Southern Africa. Children with serious medical problems are referred to the hospital from all nine provinces of South Africa and from the surrounding countries.

Young child with her mother at FOCHA

Young child with her mother at FOCHA

The children, especially the inpatients, are seriously ill, and need to undergo various hospital procedures and scans. They are very scared. Often their parents have many children, and they must go home to look after the others, and the ill child is left alone at the hospital. People have donated many children’s DVDs to FOCHA, but they need DVD players. They have asked CHW for ten portable DVD players. This is a nice project as a child will be able to choose some DVDs and can watch them on a portable DVD player, whilst they are having a scan or other procedure, and this will distract them and stop them being so scared.

Each portable DVD player costs £30.

Matching funding!

A donor (who prefers to remain anonymous) is willing to provide matching funding for up to five DVD players! This means if someone sponsors one DVD player, this donor will match those funds, and a total of two DVD players can be bought by FOCHA!

How to Help:

1. Spread the Word: With the matching funding, we only need five people to sponsor a DVD player each, and we will be able to complete this project! Please share this project, on facebook, twitter and by email, to help reach out and find those five people who could help. This would be wonderful for the children in the hospital, who are feeling scared and alone.

2. Sponsor a Portable DVD Player: It costs £30 to sponsor a DVD player. You will be making a big difference to the children at the hospital by contributing to this project. If you want to sponsor a DVD player, please use the paypal button below. You can visit our donation page, if you want to donate a different amount (either to help partially towards one DVD player, or to fund more than one DVD player). Please email catherine @, if you would like to make a donation in another way (eg by bank transfer). Thank you so, so much for wanting to help these children!



Thank you for your support!

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