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Urgent Support Needed for the Children of Casa Mea, Romania
Casa Mea

Some of the children with Felicia, outside Casa Mea

Casa Mea provides a warm, loving, family-style home for a group of children in Prejmer, Romania. Children who have been orphaned or abandoned live at Casa Mea. CHW’s supporters have helped with various things for Casa Mea, such as sponsoring a part time salary for an educator or social worker each year, and extra maths tuition for one of the teenagers.

We have received some sad news from Felicia and Jan at Casa Mea. Most of the funding for the home came from the US but this has now stopped. Jan explained that new tax laws mean that there are not the same tax benefits for charitable donations as before.

CHW has already sponsored the salary for a part time social worker, but the rest of the salaries need to be paid, along with the bills. The bills will be expensive over the harsh winter, as heating will be necessary. All in all, around 5000 USD (which is about £3798) is needed each month. Felicia spoke of doing a fundraiser to cover six months of the costs for now.

These are more funds than CHW has ever tried to raise for one project, but we know this is such a great home for the children and that it would be so sad if the children were to be split up and placed into state care. We are doing what we can to help, but if you know of any larger charities or companies that could help, please get in touch and we can provide more details. You can email Catherine on catherine @ chworldwide. org

For now, we have made a Paypal link for emergency donations for Casa Mea. You can donate here. Any help will make such a difference right now. No amount is too small, as if a lot of people contribute a little, together we can try to save this home for the children!

You can see a video of Felicia and of some of the children here. It was taken back in 2016 and Felicia talks about her hopes for the children’s future.

We would like to thank our Patrons, Ottilia and Robert for generously supporting Casa Mea for two month’s worth of costs. Thank you also to Carol for her kind donation and to Sarah for contributing and for suggesting an idea for fundraising. We are so grateful to all who care about these children.

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